Fleece Lined Patchwork Trousers

Fleece Lined Patchwork Trousers

Fleece-Lined-Patchwork-Hippy-TrousersWelcome to Mystical Mayhem’s selection of wonderfully warm fleece lined patchwork trousers. Our patchwork trousers are one of our most popular ranges but when you add fleece into the mix and the love goes through the roof!

Made In Nepal

These fantastic trousers have all been handmade in Nepal and the Nepalese sure do know how to make great clothing. They are made using patches of top quality cotton which have been sewn together to create the unique pieces of hippy clothing that we all love.  The cotton used is a thick and heavy cotton which makes for a great fitting pair of trousers. The thick cotton means that they are warm too.
To make them even warmer so that they can be worn in cooler climes, polar fleece lining is added.

What is Polar Fleece?

Polar fleece is a man made synthetic fleece made from Polyester. It is not made from animal wool or fur which means that it is vegan friendly. Although it is man made it is still a wonderfully insulating material which is of course the idea.
One of the great things about polar fleece, other than the fact that it is warm, is the fact that it is actually rather lightweight. This means that you can stay warm without having to carry around heavy hippie clothes.


Due to the handmade nature and the style of these fleece lined patchwork trousers, each and every pair are unique. This means that no two are the same. You will find no other wearing the same hippy trousers as you!
Available in so many different colours and 4 sizes.