Funky Patterned Acrylic Trousers

Funky Patterned Acrylic Trousers

Funky Hippy Acrylic Trousers

Funky-Patterned-Acrylic-TrousersWe love these fabulous hippy acrylic trousers here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.  We love them that much that even the staff wear them!
Its a sure thing to know that these beauties will keep you nice and warm. They will also, as with most of our festival clothing,  keep you bright and colourful as well.

Where Do They Come From?

Each and every pair of our funky hippy acrylic trousers are handmade with great skill and care. They are all made in India and we all know how great the clothing made in India is!
Made from 100% acrylic, don’t let the fact that these trousers are lightweight fool you,  they are actually lovely and warm. The reason that they are so lovely and warm is that they are made from the same material as our acrylic blankets and ponchos. Wonderful!

Each pair of our cashmilon trousers are one size and come with an elasticated waist so that they are suitable for a range of sizes.
There are two front pockets which are a great size for storing little bits.

As each pair are handmade, they will vary ever so slightly. This means that no 2 pairs will be exactly the same. With these trousers you, look great and you look unique.

In addition to our funky acrylic trousers we also have more acrylic hippie clothing which is just as popular. Our cashmilon clothing section has items from jackets and poncho’s through to blankets and scarves. Don’t forget to try our acrylic dungarees too! What wonderfully cosy hippy clothing.