Yoga Trousers

Yoga Trousers

Yoga-TrousersYoga has become pretty popular over here in the West. It’s a great way to de-stress and stretch out those muscles at the same time. Of course when moving in all sorts of body bending positions you’ll want some nice loose clothing otherwise you’ll end up tearing a hole in something and you don’t want that during a group class.

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing sell a small range of Yoga Trousers that are just perfect for the job. With these loose fitting and lightweight cotton trousers you’ll be able to move freely and be able to gain your favourite yoga positions.

Fishermans Trousers

These popular trousers are also know as fishermans trousers in Thailand as many of the fishermen wear them due to their lightweight and roomy nature (it gets hot over there and they don’t want items of clothing that cling to them).

Whatever you decide to call them one things for sure, these wonderful items of hippie clothing will look great and feel nice when doing your yoga (I know that’s two things right).