Pixie Hem Blouses

Pixie Hem Blouses

Pixie Hem Hippy Blouses

Pixie Hem Hippy BlousesThese beautiful handmade pixie hem hippy blouses are a summer favourite. Versatile some can be worn as a top over trousers or as a dress on their own. The pixie hem is a flattering style which is what all women love. Hippie clothing that is flattering!

We have several types of pixie hem hippy blouses for you to choose from. We just love them here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and know that you will too.

Printed Bust

These dress tops can be worn  as a blouse or, as a dress all depending on what you like. It makes for a lovely long top or a short dress. Perfect for smart occasions or just dinner out with friends.
Each top comes with a colourful printed pattern bust and a long pixie hem. The main body of the garment is one block colour and then the bust is bright and colourful.  These great looking tops are handmade in Thailand. Made from Rayon they are airy and lightweight.


Crochet is a wonderful art that just oozes hippy vibes. These fantastic hippie tops are all one colour with a stunning crochet bust.  Handmade with great skill in Thailand. As with the printed bust vest tops the backs of these tops are elasticated meaning that they can fit a variety of sizes. Made from soft cotton.

Our gorgeous pixie hem blouses are wonderful, airy and flowing. We have plenty in stock for you with more coming soon.