Printed Hippy Vest Tops

Printed Hippy Vest Tops

Printed Hippy Vest Tops

Printed-Hippy-Vest-TopsMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing are so happy to be able to present to you our fabulous range of printed hippy vest tops. Versatile and super funky, we have lots of vest tops for you to choose from in many colours and lots of printed designs.

What is a Vest?

A vest is a garment that is designed to be worn on the upper body. They can be worn as either a close fit or a loose fit. It is up to the discretion of the wearer. A vest does not have sleeves and is usually waist length. Depending on the style they are sometimes worn to a length that ends just under the derriere.

The great thing about printed hippy vest tops is that they can be worn all year round. At home, out and about. Worn on their own or even under one of our great hippy jackets or hippy jumpers. They can also be paired with any bottoms that you like. These vests go great with just about anything – trousers, shorts, skirts, jeans – the combination is endless.

Our printed vest tops is one of our newest collections and one which we are trying to grow. This doesn’t mean however that the collection is small.  While it is new, we have plans on putting together quite a range for you folks. We have may designs for you ranging from the must have hippy bus, which is an iconic hippie clothing design, through to lotus flowers and Hamsa hands.

In addition to the various prints, our hippy vests are also available in many styles. We have standard high back vests, however, we also have vests where the back is adjustable which means that they can be worn is several ways.

Style, design and colour is all covered so, watch this space for new and exciting printed hippy vest tops! Coming your way soon – some very awesome pieces of festival clothing!