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Vest Tops

Hippy Vest Tops

Hippy Vest TopsHippy vest tops are worn day in and day out all across the globe. Someone, somewhere, is wearing a vest top right now. They can be worn all year round for every occasion. Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing have a  great range of vest tops that will keep you looking great all year around.

In the summer time you can bomb about in your strappy tops, catching yourself a nice tan without worrying about getting cold. However, in the winter time it is a little cold to be out and about in a wee vest. This though, does not mean that you cannot wear them. How about popping one on under a jumper or a nice wool cardigan? That way when you get into the nice warmth you can take it off and be left at just the right temperate for indoors.

There are so many different types of hippy vest tops available. We have plain patterns and then bold patterns for those days when you want to stand out a little more than usual. There are printed patterns such as Om and some colourful hippie love buses. We even have some beautiful embroidery work for you. Casual or elegant we have you covered with our great range of hippie clothing.

They look great paired with trousers and skirts.