Nepalese Wool Jackets

Nepalese Wool Jackets

Nepalese-Wool-JacketsHere at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we love these handmade fair trade Nepalese wool jackets.  Not only do they look amazing, they are great for keeping the cold at bay too.

Perfect all year round, these wool jackets are perfect for festivals, camping  & nights sitting by the open fire. We wear these wool jackets ourselves and they are great in the Winter months for keeping you nice and toasty. Days out and about have never felt better. Great especially when paired with a nice hippy scarf or snood and then some fleece lined wool gloves.

Origins of our Jackets

These great hippy wool jackets are all handmade in Nepal. You can guarantee when you see that something has been made in Nepal that is is going to be top quality.

What makes these wonderful hippy jackets so warm is the fact that they are made from great quality wool and then lined with polar fleece. The wool in itself is gorgeous and warm but pair that with polar fleece lining and you are onto a winner.

A great piece of hippy clothing we have an excellent range of Hippy Nepalese Wool Jacket - Rainbow Wool Jacketwool jackets for you to choose from. We have hippie jackets with regular hoods, removable hoods and even awesome pixie hoods. There are hoods to suit all tastes. Lots of options for you as we know you like choice.

As well as hood choices we have patterns and colours galore. From stripy rainbow through to Jacquard patterns and even traditional Nepalese patterns we have hippy clothing to suit everyone.