Wool Jumpers and Cardigans

Hippy Wool Jumpers and Cardigans

Hippy wool jumpers and cardigans are well loved across the globe and come late Summer through to Spring, they are some of our best sellers. There is nothing better when you are a little chilly than snuggling into a nice wool jumper or cardigan. Instant warmth!

Tie Dye

Hippy Tie Dye Wool JumpersWe all know that tie dye is a staple when it comes to hippy clothing and so that is exactly why we have a great range of tie dye wool jumpers.
The jumpers in this range are all hand knitted from multicoloured wools. Due to the nature of the colour wool each and every tie dye wool jumper is unique.  What say’s hippy more than colourful and unique?!

This great range of knitwear is very popular with both the ladies and the gents and they come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours. Hippy Tie Dye Wool Jumpers
Each pullover style jumper has been made from wonderfully soft wool which will help to keep you warm.

Hand knitted in Nepal by skilled artisans you can be sure of great quality and workmanship. These pullover hippie jumpers are nice snuggly items of hippy clothing which are great all year round.

Hippy Striped Wool Jumpers

Hippy Striped Wool JumpersOur striped wool jumpers are bright, funky and a great way to stand out from the crowd. These wonderful hand knitted jumpers have been handmade in Nepal.

Nepalese striped wool jumpers are a fab little addition to any festival goers hippy kit. They look amazing on everyone and will keep you nice and warm. If you are after an item of clothing that is a conversation starter then you need one of these beauties for sure!

Made from 100% New Zealand wool these jumpers soft and cozy. The Hippy Striped Wool Jumper - Nepalese Snowflake Jumperdesign of these Nepalese wool jumpers may be simple but sometimes simple works oh so well.

We truly do hope that you like our collection of hippie striped wool jumpers. What a great range of colours, styles, designs and sizes for you to choose from. Where we can, we try and cater for everyone here at Hippy HQ


This is a relatively new range. As soon as we get these delightfully woollies in, they just fly off of the shelves. They are loved by the ladies and the gents. Everyone loves a good cardi!