Wool Socks

We welcome you to our page dedicated to hippy socks and nothing but. These are something that many of us wear day in and day out. During the day for work and then there are lots of us who have comfy socks for relaxing in.
There really is nothing better than getting into comfy hippie clothes after work (PJ’s), donning a pair of comfy socks and relaxing!

I have to say that our hand knitted wool socks are a hit all year round. The majority of you friendly folk love them in the Winter time however we often find people buying then in the height of summer.  They make amazing gifts. Great for those who are living in another country that is cold often or for someone who is off on a cold holiday.

Wool Socks

Wool SocksAll of Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing‘s wool socks are hand knitted in Nepal. They are made up of the following materials – The outer is made from 100% wool & the inner is made from 100% polar fleece.

You can wear these socks whenever you like – around the house, around a friends house or even in wellies at your favourite festival. These wool socks are so comfortable that I have heard them referred to as room slippers before. Nothing nicer than sitting round a wire on a cold Winters eve being all snuggly toasty warm. Lovely!

We have standard sized woollen socks and also a long variety. This way you can choose what suits you best. The short versions as mentioned are standard so just cover your ankle and the Wool Sockslong variety reach up to just below mid shin (depending on how long your legs are ). The long wool socks are a firm favourite of mine. I have several pairs!

Sock Sizing and Care

As our wool fleece lined socks are handmade in Nepal, every pair of socks is individual.  To make sure your feet are kept lovely and warm all our wool socks come with nice soft fleece lining.

Please take care when wearing these socks as they do not have any rubber grippers on the soles. These means they can be a little slippery on bare floors like laminate, wood and tiles etc.
I do like to slide around our kitchen however I would advise being careful if you do so! Why not add a pair or two to your hippie clothing collection today.