Standard Size Wool Fleece Lined Socks White & Rainbow Colour Mix – 8in Unstretched


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Nepalese Wool Fleece Lined SocksAs these wool socks are handmade the sizes vary slightly between 7-11in from heel-toe when the garment is laid flat.
We have measured them for you so you can choose the pair that best suits you.100% Wool outer
100% Polar Fleece inner
Handmade in Nepal

What sock size do I need?
Wool is a fantastic material and has a lot of give in it so don’t worry about being real precise because your new socks will be able to expand.
Sock Size Inches Men UK Shoe Size Womens UK Shoe Size
7in 3 2.5
7.125in 3.5 3
7.25in 4 3.5
7.375in 4.5 4
7.5in 5 4.5
7.625in 5.5 5
7.75in 6 5.5
7.875in 6.5 6
8in 7 6.5
8.125in 7.5 7
8.25in 8 7.5
8.5in 8.5 8
8.75in 10 9.5
9in 11 10.5

 These socks are handmade and so will vary.

**Take Care**
These wool socks are one of our biggest sellers during the winter months
Please take care when wearing these socks on bare floors like laminate, wood, tiles etc 
As pictured these socks do not have any grippers on the soles.  

Out of stock

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