Red Hand Painted Coasters – Set of 6

Red Hand Painted Coasters – Set of 6


Hand Painted Coasters

These beautiful hand painted hippy coasters have been handmade in Madhyapur Thimi which is just outside of Kathmandu Nepal.
The brightly coloured designs that you see are the traditional painting styles from the Mithila region where they are made.

Each set comes with 6 coasters in a holder which is great storage when they are not is use. They look great in or out of their box.

The techniques used to paint these coasters are amazing – you would think that just brushes were used however, the painting style is to use anything to hand. Paintbrushes, fingers, pens, matchsticks and anything else that they think will look great!

The paint used for these mirrors is a lead free non toxic brand.
It is mostly women who paint using the Mithilia style and it is passed down from generation to generation.

Made from thick card and then hand painted, these coasters look amazing in any house and make great hippie gifts.

Handmade in Nepal
Approx Size-  9cm × 9cm 

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