Folding Wire Mandala Puzzle – Meditation Aid


Folding Wire Mandala Puzzle

These fun wire puzzles are shaped like the ancient mandala.
The mandala is spiritual symbol in Buddhism and its continuous shape is said to represent the universe.

Not only are these folding mandalas great for everyone who likes to keep their hands busy whilst they think,
they also make for great meditation aids.
By allowing your fingers free reign, the puzzle can be manipulated into 35 different shapes.
Making the shapes allows your mind to relax and helps to set you into your sacred space.
Once your mind relaxes you will notice that any anxiety disappears and that your nerves are calmed.

Great fun for all of the family!

Made in India
Approx Size – 12cm  ∅

Due to the handmade nature of these mandalas, please note that the bead colours may vary slightly


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