Hand Carved Wooden Yogi Statue


Hand Carved Wooden Yogi Statue


 Medium Wooden Yogi Statue

These simple yet stunning yogi hippy statues have all been hand carved with great skill. Handmade in Bali they look great given pride of place in any room!

There are said to be 3 stories associated with these particular yogi carvings;
1) This story suggests that the statue is Buddha weeping for the troubles and sorrows of mankind. He is said to be absorbing all of the wrongs to make them easier for mankind to bare.
This sounds like something Buddha would do for sure!
2) The second story is one of 2 great masked warriors.  The warriors fought each other for many years with no clear winner. During the last fight, the older warrior won and removed the mask of his opponent. To his horror, it was his son.  Stricken with horror and grief at what he had done to his son, he collapsed onto the ground head in hands and wept for all eternity.
3) The final story itself comes from the carvers on Bali and is said to be a test of sorts. Young apprentices are asked to carve these yogi’s and once they are able to perfect and master them, they can move onto the next stage in their learning.

You pick which story resonates best with you and go from there.

These hippie statues make wonderful gifts.

Made in Bali, Indonesia
100% Wood

Approx Size
10cm x 10cm x 10cm

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