Padmasambhava Wish Fulfilling Incense Sticks


Padmasambhava Incense Sticks

These fantastic Nepalese incense sticks are hand rolled in the traditional way.
Each stick contains natural ingredients.

“Padmasambhava incense is entirely handmade and amongst its many ingredients are sandalwood,
medicinal herbs and precious stones such as turquoise, coral and gold.
This incense is specially offered to Guru Padmasambhava during prayers when we request him to fulfill our wishes.
This incense also helps to protect us from negative energies.”

This incense is handmade according to the ancient tradition and without a stick inside.
This gives the incense a deep, rich aroma rather than being overly perfumed or diluted by the less pleasant smell of a stick burning.

Please note that because of the nature of its production,
Tibetan incense requires an incense burner capable of burning solid incense with a larger diameter than stick incense.
Alternatively, it can simply be placed upright in a small bowl of sand.

Included in this box is a small incense holder.

Hand rolled in Nepal
Contains approximately 20 sticks

Never leave incense burning unattended

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Weight 80 g