Rock Crystal Gemstone Mallah Meditation Beads

Rock Crystal Gemstone Mallah Meditation Beads


Gemstone Meditation Beads

These simple yet beautiful hippy meditation beads have been hand made in India and are styled on the traditional Buddhist meditation beads. There are 108 beads per set as the number 108 is a special number in Buddhism as, according to ancient teachings there are 108 invisible threads leading from each person to the divine.

Rock Crystal cleanses mind and soul. It also dissolves energy blockages.

Small enough to carry with you everywhere you go to aid meditation. Also great to reduce stress and aid relaxation. 

Handmade in India
108 Beads
Approximate Length – 74cm (from bead 1 around to bead 108)

These hippie meditation beads may vary from the picture as they are handmade from natural gemstones.

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Weight 201 g