Arabian Musk Sensual Fragrance Oil for Oil Burners 10ml


Sensual Fragrance Oil for Oil Burners 10ml
The way our homes smell is very important to us.
Having a home that smells fresh and lovely helps us to
relax and forget about the days worries.
Our range of fragrance oils for oil burners are aimed at helping
you freshen up your home with the fragrance your desire.

These oils are bottle in Sheffield here in the UK.

Each fragrance has been carefully blended to give the perfect scent.

How to use:
There are several ways these oils can be used depending on the results you require.
Most people when using oil for burners will add a little water to the burner dish
and then add a few drops of oil.  This provides a subtle scent that lightly fragrances the home.
You can use this oil without the water, you would need to use more then a few drops though as
it would dry out very quickly.  Using half a bottle or even a full bottle depending on burn time would
result in a very strong scent which is preferred by some people

Never leave candles/oil burners burning unattended

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