Pomegranate & Orange Soya Bean Wax Jar Candle


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Pomegranate & Orange Soya Bean Wax Jar Candle

Soy wax is so much nicer cleaner and more natural than paraffin candles.
A little more expensive but worth it.
Soybean Jar Candles burn cleaner and cooler and leave minimal wax residue.

Keeping with Mystical Mayhems beliefs in recycling these glass jars are recycled,
feel free to reuse them after the candle has been used. 

A cleaner softer flame without soot, smoother fragrance and long burn time.
Soybean candles are made from hydrated soy bean oil and as such
give business to farmers rather than petroleum companies.
Made with high quality unblended wax.
Brand used: White Jade soybean wax.
With a full 3% fragrance, they smell delightful but most of the
fragrance is retained in the wax until burning.

Made in China in a factory owned by a British based company
who believes in fair trade and good working conditions and no child labour.

Sold in a charming cardboard display/gift box
making this a perfect gift for someone.

Burning Time is approximately 30-35 hours
Height: 8 cm
Width: 7 cm
Depth: 7 cm

**Warning: Do not leave burning candles unattended**

Out of stock

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