Pagan Runes

Pagan Runes


Pagan Runes

These pagan runes are based on those created in Northern Europe around the 4th Century AD and can be used for many things;
Help in spell casting, divination and times when you are in need of some wise counsel.

These runes are also known as Viking runes. The story behind this is that Norse God Odin the all father  hung himself from the great ash tree Yggdrasil which is the tree of life. He did this so that he could gain great understanding of the world and be the wisest of the wise. Understanding these runes was part of the knowledge. Odin then passed the knowledge down to the Vikings which is why they are also known as Viking runes.

These pagan runes have been handmade in Bali Indonesia and come in a presented in a wee pouch.

Each set contains the standard alphabet which is 25 runes and also contains a note of what each rune is called and what it means.

Made in Bali Indonesia
Made from Stone


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