White Magic Incense Sticks Forest Fairy Bouquet


White Magic Incense Sticks Forest Fairy Bouquet
These white magic incense sticks fit right in here at Mystical Mayhem.
With enchanting names and wonderful smells these are the ultimate Mystical incense stick.

The sacred Poleng cloth of Bali is worn by holy men and statues an mythical creatures.
The black, white and grey pattern reminds us that good and evil are woven together.
To truly know good you must also touch evil, we humans are a mixture, which is represented by the the grey in the cloth.
Black Arts incense & White Magic incense carries chequered cloth to remind us of this.

Handmade in India

Contains approximately 20 incense sticks approx
Made from perfumery raw materials in India
Burn time is approximately 30 minutes per stick

Never leave incense burning unattended

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Weight 85 g