Black Recycled Saree Fold Out Hippy Bag


Black Recycled Saree Fold Out Hippy Bag


Fold Out Hippy Bags

These fantastic fold out shopping bags have all been handmade from recycled sarees. Why waste wonderful materials when you can turn them into something else?! Made in Nepal these fold out bags are great for that impromptu shipping trip.

-Recycled saree material
-Unique designs
-Folds away to a small size
-Keyring loop

Go out, shop, get home and the bag folds nicely away and is zipped up to make a small parcel. Nice!

Please bear in mind that due to the material that has been used to make these bags, we would not recommend filling with super heavy items.

Handmade in Nepal

Approx Bag Size
35cm x 40cm unfolded

These hippie items are handmade and so will vary slightly

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Additional information

Weight151 g
Garment Care

We recommend you hand wash this and all of our clothing separately in cold water to help prolong the life of the item. Please also dry naturally.