Brown High Neck Acrylic Wool Poncho


High Neck Acrylic Wool Poncho

These soft feel acrylic wool hippy poncho’s are a great addition to any wardrobe. Handmade in India these ponchos will help to keep you cozy on cold days and nights.
Providing an extra layer of warmth but with very little weight.
Each poncho comes with a high neck so keep the cold air off of your neck. The high neck and the bottom hem offers a bright and colourful pattern adding some contrast to the garment.
The bottom of these ponchos have twisted tassels.

100% Viscose
Handmade in India

One Size Fits Many
Up To UK size 20
Approximately 31in Long when laid flat

These hippie ponchos are handmade and so will vary slightly.

Care Instructions
As with all of our items, please hand wash separately in cold water and dry naturally.

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Weight 500 g