Mexican Thick Weave Poncho Blue


Mexican Thick Weave Poncho

These fabulous hippy ponchos have been handmade in Mexico.
Made from the same funky materials as our Mexican Falsa blankets, they have a nice weight to them. This means that they are warm and rather hardy.
Each poncho is unisex and so it can be worn by absolutely everyone.
Due to the way that the neck has been hemmed, you can wear these beauties in 2 ways – the standard way with the long ends front and back or, you could go for shorter at the front and back,  longer at the sides. You wear it how you choose!

Handmade in Mexico
50% Cotton
50% Acrylic

One size only
The length is approximately 37in
The width is approximately 49in

These hippie ponchos are handmade and so will vary slightly

Care Instructions
As with all of our items, please hand wash separately in cold water and dry naturally.

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Weight 1023 g