Black Sun Batik Trousers – One Size


Black Sun Batik Trousers – One Size


Rayon Batik Hippy Trousers

These wonderfully comfortable rayon trousers have been handmade and hand dyed in Indonesia.
Due to the handmade nature, each and every pair is different making each pair unique.
These soft and silky feeling hippie trousers are a loose fit and come with an elasticated waist which makes them perfect for lounging.
There are 2 side pockets which are great for storing your daily bits and bobs.

The dying technique used for these trousers is batik. Batik is a wax resist dying technique which means applying wax to the area of the fabric that you do not wish to be dyed. After the wax has been applied and the dye has dried, the wax is peeled off and the process begins again for the next colour. The process is repeated until the desired colours and patterns have been applied.

Handmade in Indonesia
100% Rayon

One size 25-44in waist
Outside leg approximately 36.5in
Inside leg approximately 26.5in

These items are handmade and so will vary slightly

Care Instructions
As with all of our items, please hand wash separately in cold water and dry naturally.

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Weight 350 g