Black and White Knitted Wool Snood


Black and White Knitted Wool Snood


Knitted Wool Snood
These funky knitted wool snoods have been hand knitted in Nepal. Made from beautifully soft and colourful wool, these snoods really do brighten up any cold day.

We are sure that as well as keeping you warm this winter it will also keep you looking bright and colourful.

These snoods can be worn like a scarf or even pulled up onto the face over the nose and mouth to keep the chill at bay.
Perfect for those outdoorsie folk, walkers and even cyclists.

So what is a snood?
A snood is essentially a scarf that has had its ends knitted together to create a loop. You simply double the loop up and throw it over your head.
Now you are warm and don’t have to worry about it unravelling like you would a scarf.

Handmade in Nepal
100% Wool

These snoods are handmade and so will vary slightly in
both size and colour placement.

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