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Rock Box Camberley Closing

The Rock Box Camberley
The Rock Box in Camberley has been a part of the landscape for many years. It looks like as released on their Facebook page they are sadly closing their doors on the 15th October 2016.  It looks like the independent music retailer will be moving premises however the new premises will only be open to the public by appointment only. We should say at this point that you can still purchase great music direct from their website here.
The Rock Box in Camberley Surrey was a major part of my teenage years, at the age of 16 I spent most Friday afternoons in their spending my hard earned cash on a great selection of alternative music that you just couldn’t find in the likes of Virgin.  I think I can say with some confidence that I was not the only one who used to blow my whole weeks wages on music.  It’s hard to express how sad this really is, although I no longer live in the Camberley area I really feel the pain of the people who use the Rock Box on a regular basis.  For me this was not just some place to buy music it was a place to go to be around like minded people, we had (and still have) a love for great music and would get great advise,  it became a lifestyle for many people who found they could listen to and enjoy music not always found in high street record shops. I found so many new bands thanks to the guys behind that tiny counter.

As music becomes more digitally orientated we are moving away from the small independent record shops and this is sad news.  Buying your music online is quick and easy but it misses the personal touch and the whole point of bringing people together, small independent music shops like the Rock Box help keep the music real. Yes there are music recommendations online and you can find new music but it’s really not the same as bonding with another human being, having that discussion about a new album or even an old album that you have never heard  just doesn’t happen when you purchase online.  When I walked into this place the guy behind the counter knew me (I was in there every week as mentioned), he would great me, ask me about my week and then we would talk music for half an hour, I would spend another hour just looking around.  If I didn’t ask about music recommendations then he would have a few albums he thought I would like, I spent my music money with them and only them and always left the shop feeling like I found some right gems, how often do you say that when you shop online?

Rock Box I salute you, you helped me find my musical self, I loved your little store that had such a big personality.  Big love and good luck for the future.