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Siesta Clothing and Gifts
We sell a range of Siesta Clothing and gifts perfect for men and women looking for quality and unique clothing.
**Please note that we sell a wide range of branded clothing from different producers as well as our own branded products, some of the clothing below is from the Siesta clothing brand but not all.
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Who are Siesta?

We offer a wide range of Siesta branded clothing and gifts. Siesta clothing have been operating since 1983.  Originally Siesta was small and stocked handicraft items purchased during Les and Chris’s (the owners) travels in Mexico and Guatemala.  Although the business only started as a small idea it wasn’t long before they were able to grow providing fantatsic clothing and gifts as wholesale to the UK.

We have worked closely with Siesta for many years now as they provide a range of good quality hippy clothing and gifts, it’s not just about the quality though; these guys really believe in Fair Trade and looking after the producers.  Over many years of Les toing and froing from country to country he has made many friends who not only produce his clothing and gifts but also have remained friends for near on 30 years.


The name Siesta was inspired by the places that the couple travelled (Mexico and Guatemala), of course Siesta is the Spanish word meaning ‘nap’.  It has to be said that we have been napping for as long as humans have been able to nap. The idea of the Siesta is not just to sleep but to take a break so you can stop and reflect on life, it’s an ideal time to take for yourself and just relax, this is something that we should all make time for in this ever busy modern world.

Although the roots of Siesta started in gifts they now produce a wide range of modern hippy festival inspired clothing that not only looks great but feels fantastic.  Siesta clothing range has been growing for many years and they now have items produced in Thailand, Nepal, Bali and India so they can bring us the best in festival fashions.

More than just clothing and gifts

This industry is not just about selling items it’s about building friendships that last a life time whether its us (Mystical Mayehm) with our customers and the producers we deal with or Les with the friends he has made while finding these fantastic products in Thailand, Nepal and India.  We count the Siesta team as our friends and hope to carry on this friendship for many more years.

SIESTA is proud to be a member of BAFTS  which helps promote Fair Trade.