About Our Sizing

All our clothing is hand cut, hand dyed and handmade which means that the sizes are always a little different.  We buy the clothing sized simply by small, small/medium, medium, medium/large, large etc.  This means that for you as the customer things could get a little confusing.  To help with this we have listed the garment size when the item is laid flat.  This is so you can compare against stuff you already own.  Please remember that all our clothes are handmade so will vary slightly in both size and colour, we give you the average size so you can best compare.

Wherever possible we will give you:
UK dress sizes for women’s clothing (for example UK 8, 10-12, 14-16 etc)
Waist/waist band measurements for trousers and skirts (for example 26-32in, 34in etc)

Mexican Jerga
Approximate size guide please also checkout the laid flat measurements we show

Jerga Size Ladies Gents
M 10 -12 S
L 12 – 14 M
XL 14 – 16 L / XL
XXL 18 – 20 XXL


Shirt and Tops (including Hooded jackets etc)
-Normally come in sizes like S/M, L/XL, XL etc-
How we measure the laid flat measurements

Dress Size Guide
-Normally we would show the approximate UK dress size on the product listing-
How we measure the laid flat measurements

Kaftan Size Guide
-Normally most kaftans fit a very wide range of sizes-
How we measure the laid flat measurements

Bags Size Guide
How we measure the laid flat measurements

Shoulder Bag


Also please remember that a size  (e.g small/medium) may not be the same across all our clothing as we have different suppliers in Nepal and India which means that although they are labelled the same size you are still better off looking at our laid flat measurements as a guide.

So many times when ordering clothes online people are unsure if they are going to get the size that fits them best, especially because every clothes company uses different sizing.  For example a size 14 from one company may not be the same as a size 14 from another.  Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we just tell you the garment sizes so you know what you are really getting.