Cotton and silk skirts have arrived here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. We  have found that over the years, our hippy skirts and dresses are super popular all year round as they are great worn with flip flops or sandals in the spring and summer seasons and with boots and even trainers in the Autumn and Winter!

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Cotton and Silk SkirtsCotton and Silk Skirts

We have over 30 different varieties of skirts and dresses, some of which can be worn as both depending on your odd on any given day.With over 20 different types of skirts, you really are spoilt for choice. We have silk skirts and cotton skirts. Long skirts, short skirts , patchwork, tie dye and even elephant print, just to name a few. We even have varying ways that the skirts fasten – zip, button, elasticated waists and even wrap skirts.

Our skirts are also available in many different colours.We have something for every occasion. Want to go our for a fancy dinner with a loved one or with some friends then we have some beautiful and elegant skirts for you. Or, how about off to the beach or on holiday, yep, you guessed it we have something for that too. Come on and take a look!
These skirts are an amazing addition to the hippy clothing that you already have.

Hippy Dresses

Much like our skirts, you have a huge range to choose from.  As mentioned above, some of our silk dresses are designed so that you can wear them as either a dress or as a lovely long flowing skirt. The choice really is yours.We have over 17 different styles of  dress for you to choose from in vary different colours and  types. He have strapless, halterneck, thin spaghetti straps and even long sleeved hippy dresses. What is your style of festival clothing hippy dresses?

  All of our hippy skirts and hippy dresses are handmade and are done so in a variety of countries. India, Nepal and others. As we know just how important it is to choose exactly the hippy dress orCotton and Silk Skirts & Dresses skirt that you are buying , and sure to the fact that they are all handmade and each one a little different, we spent  rather a lot of time taking individual photos of all of our skirts and dresses. All of these photos are shown on our website so that you have the option to choose that perfect one!.  We think this is a much better way of shopping as after all you wouldn’t walk into a shop and just point at a group skirts and say ‘give me any one of them,’ in the hope that it was nice and that you like it.


Not all of our dresses are unique, some of them we do have duplicates. When I say not unique, well of course they are all a little different and they are made for hippy’s after all!
The main hippy skirts and dresses that are individual and unique are our cotton tie dye, silk sari and patchwork  styles.  They really are one of a kind and when that colour or style is gone its very unlikely we will get anything that looks the same again.  We love this fact because it means when you buy one of our hippie silk wrap skirts  (for example) it means you won’t have that worry of wearing the same as everyone else, as  no 2 are the same. We may get something similar but never the same. That really is the joy of hand made hippie clothing!

Anyway, we are constantly adding new hippie skirts and hippie dresses to our collection all the time as we continue to add our stock to the website so, save our URL in your web favourites and come back soon to see even more great items.