Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung - Spring FlowersOoh yes – it is true – Spring has indeed sprung. Ah so it’s that time of the year again when the flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer and there are baby animals everywhere. It is not spring unless you have seen some cute baby lambs about! You would of course have to pass them on the road side as I don’t think lambs have a habit of popping out and about the town! Not that I have seen anyways….

One of my favourite seasons and I’m sure many hippies feel the same as it feels like a new beginning as everything wakes up. Spring is the season that follows Winter and precedes the glorious Summer. I have to say, although today is the first day of Spring (2018) it is off to a marvellous start. I went out for a run at 7am this morning and it was a sight to behold. The sun had his hat on and it was wonderfully bright. So, it was a little chilly still at 1°c however you forget all of that when you smell the fresh air. Crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils lining the paths, the birds singing – bliss!

It was the first time this year that I have started to think that I will get to soon put away my warm woollen hippy clothing and break out my summer hippy wear 🙂 Not just yet however as it is still bloody cold. The bright sunshine and blue skies are a little deceiving at this time of the year.

So what is Spring?

Spring is one of the four seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – each lasting 3 months of the year. The seasons are based on average temperature which is why when it is Spring in the Spring has Sprung - HedgehogNorthern Hemisphere, it is Autumn on the Northern.
Spring is when the weather starts to get a little warmer. The snow and the frost is chased away and we all start to thaw out a little. The reason that the weather starts to heat up and the days lengthen? Well, the axis of the Earth is starting to increase it’s tilt towards the sun. This significant change in temperature helps the plants to grow.

There really are so many reasons to love Spring. There are 3 main reasons why I love the season – I am sure that many of you share them with me;

1) We know that it is only going to get warmer from here on in, summer is only 3 months away – wohoo! Sunshine and happiness…

2) It is time to break out our hippy clothing collections that we put away for the warmer days. Out come the flowing hippy skirts and dresses, the cool and refreshing shorts and not to forget the great hippy t-shirts and vest tops and blouses. Colours, styles and designs galore, the world get’s that little bit brighter each time that you step out in your hippie clothing.

3) Festival season is coming – oh yeah! It is the time of year again when we can don our best festival clothing and go out to see our favourite bands. Nothing better!

Bees and Wildlife

Spring has Sprung - Flying BeesI do have another favourite although I am not sure how many of you will share this one with me. The Winter has come to an end, time to check if the bees survived!
It is so nerve wracking throughout the Winter wondering if my babies are surviving ok. Are they warm enough and do they have enough food? That feeling when you look out of the window and see your bees in full flight collection pollen is like no other. Pure relief!
Pollination of flowers, shrubs and importantly crops, has begun again. Spring really is the start of something special – new life. New life begins this season which we should all be super grateful for.

It is time to take yourself outside. Get some more fresh air into your life and take a walk with mother nature. Perhaps some quite meditation and thanks. The earth vibrations are very strong right now. Soak them in and make your plans for the year ahead.

Hippies love to explore new places so maybe its time to get the map out and see what hippy adventures you can have this summer. The UK has so many wonderful places to visit and so there is no need to stray so far from home.

Peace, Love & Light