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Staying stylish and smart at the Cornucopia Festival

Got a ticket for this year’s Cornucopia Festival? Lucky old you! Taking place on the weekend of September 23-25, it’s sure to be a fantastic and memorable way to round off your summer.

Although the last few months have been pretty good for us hippies, who love to feel the sun on our skin and the swishing of our maxi dresses, seasons are changing and there’s no guarantee that Mother Earth will continue to smile on us as we head towards the end of September. So, to avoid looking like a bit of a hapless hippy on Humberside, make sure you’re braced for all eventualities when heading off to what is one of the quirkiest festivals in the UK.

Be prepared

Seasoned hippies are like Scouts – they always go prepared for any eventuality, this is more important than ever once we get past the peak of summer. September so far has been a complete hodgepodge of weather up and down the country, and this exposed location is sure to throw up a surprise or two

Of course, you need to pack your finest wet weather gear. As a minimum, we’d recommend you take a good pair of wellies and a decent waterproof jacket.

A warm welcome

No matter how many Native American sun dances you do, there is no guarantee that the Cornucopia weekend will be a warm one. Pack wisely – we all like to chill out at festivals, but not literally!

Wooly jackets and jumpers are not only a hippy clothing staple thanks to their bright colours and distinctive style, but are also a necessity for staving off the biting cold. Alternatively, you may want to invest in one of our Cashmilon jackets or ponchos. Being both lightweight and warm makes them a priceless camping accessory, and ideal for dancing the night away to one of the many great acts at this year’s event.

We also have a range of hippy socks and gloves, which are perfect for accessorising everything from a flowing maxi dress, to your best Cashmilon shirt.

Playing it cool

Believe it or not, stranger things have happened at the Cornucopia Festival weekend than that freakiest of British events – warm and pleasant weather!

 Make room for some lightweight clothing in your hippy bag. For dudes, we suggest a pair or two of our festival trousers, which come in a range of styles and are often spotted at events like Glastonbury, and a lightweight hooded hippy shirt.

For hippy chicks, you can’t go wrong with the staple of festival clothing that is the maxi skirt. Not only is it comfortable and freeing, it looks great on any shape, and it can easily be adapted to cooler conditions by adding a hippy cardigan, shrug or jacket as and when needed.

Our recommendations

Now that we’ve made some sound suggestions on what to wear for Cornucopia, how about a couple of suggestions on what to see?

 Don’t miss Mambo Jambo, an acoustic roots duo who play an eclectic mix of world music. We challenge you not to get up and moving to this funky pair!

For something totally different, Randolph Tempest is a writer, poet, and director with credits including ‘Saxondale’ and ‘Detectorists’. His show is sure to be enlightening.