summer festival clothingSummer Festival Clothing is here and its cooler than ever with a great fresh look for festival goers this summer.
With the sun beating down upon our warehouse roof the temperature is really starting to heat up in here so we thought we would take a look at some of our fantastic festival summer clothes.

Looking great at a festival isn’t a prerequisite to a good time however people do like to dress up in funky fun clothing when venturing out to their favourite festival.  We have put together a little look at some of our popular festival favourites, of course we have thousands of products in stock so just pop along to our shop if you want to view the categories.

Festival Shorts

Festival shorts are a staple in the world of festival clothing.  Festivals for the most part end up being pretty warm and the thought of running around the festival in a pair of jeans or jogging bottoms is just too much for some people.  Here to help us cool down as always are these fantastic hippy shorts.  Made from a light weight rayon material the three styles we offer are perfect for men and women alike.

Tie Dye Hot Pants/Shorts
These funky light weight jean material hot pants come in a variety of tie dye patterns and are just perfect for dancing your way around a music festival this summer.  Each pair of unique dyed shorts comes with pockets and tie dye pattern that will really stand out in the festival crowd.

Pom Pom or Lace trimmed funky patterned shorts.
These funky looking Thai shorts are a great fun short made from a light weight rayon material with elastic waist band, interesting funky pattern and either pom pom or lace trim. These shorts are often more popular among the younger generation but they are perfect for anyone who likes a bit of fun. 

Male elephant patterned long shorts.
These male Thai shorts are made using a soft feel light weight rayon material, making them perfect for wearing out to your favourite festival, each pair has an elastic waist band and interesting elephant pattern. We also find that women love to wear these longer version of the female shorts as they offer greater length.
Female elephant patterned shorts

The female version of our Thai shorts offer a different pattern and shorter style when compared with the male version.  These funky festival shorts are also made from soft feel rayon and are light weight and perfect for wearing around any festival site. Features elephant pattern and elastic waist band.

Female Festival Tops

Being nice and cool at a festival is paramount to not over heating, this year we have a few brand new additions to our female festival tops.  Keep cool and don’t look a fool in these great festival tops.  We offer a whole range of festival tops so if you want more inspiration then see our whole range here or our festival shirts here.

Printed festival vest tops
These fun printed vest tops come with a number of funky print designs that are sure to help brighten up your festival mood. Each top is made from a soft light weight polyester making it easy to wash and care for.
Hippy Bus Vest Top - White

Tropical Tie Crop Tops
These great looking Thai tops are made from a tropical looking soft feel rayon material that is just perfect for wearing around a festival. Each one of these tops is made to tie at the font in a casual manner leaving your midriff to soak in the sun.  Available in 4 different fun and festival inspired tropical colours.  Perfect for UK sizes 10-14.

Open Back Top
Sticking with our range of fantastic Thai tops we bring you the fresh, funky and flowing open back top.  These tops have been made to cover your bust and most of your midriff in a floaty easy going way. The back of these tops has been made to open up in the middle to reveal your back. These are a real fun festival top and perfect for when the weather starts to hotten up. Made from a soft feel rayon material and suitable for UK sizes 8-14.

Male Festival Tops

Us men have a hard time finding great looking festival clothing but here at Mystical Mayhem we are trying to give you guys as much choice as we can.  With the great range of hippie clothing currently coming out of Thailand we have found some great styles that are just perfect for men heading off to festivals this season.  Below we have included a few great examples of perfect festival tops but you can view our whole range of festival shirts here.

Thai Short Sleeve Shirt
Last year we gave you the elephant pattern short sleeve shirt and this year based on the same styles we gave you the funky, bright and colourful alternative.  This new addition to our collection really aims to stand out in the crowd. Made from a soft rayon material these eye catching shirts are made from interesting pattern material that is sure to get you some attention.  With 8 colours across 4 sizes we are sure you will find the top to suit you.

Thai Tops
These tops have been a firm festival favourite for many years, their bright bold colours really big the feel of festival to your clothing outfit.  Each top is made in Thailand from 100% cotton making it easy to wash and great to wear.  With so many interesting colours to choose from you’ll find the perfect one in no time.
Thai Dashiki Shirts

Grandad Shirts
The cotton grandad top is probably one of the most popular tops out there, these light weight long sleeve cotton shirts are just perfect for festival living.  Perfect for hot days as you can roll the sleeves up but also keeping the sleeves down helps keep you away from the burning sun, its nice to options.  Talking about options these hippy shirts come in loads of colours and 6 sizes up to 4XL.
Grandad shirts

Tie Dye Tops
Tie dye tops and festivals go together really well.  Our unique tie dye tops are perfect for brightening your hippy clothing outfits.  Each of our tie dye tops are made my hand and are dyed to produce a unique finish every time.  With loads of sizes and lots of choice we are sure you will find the right tie dye top to suit your festival look.
Short Sleeve Tie Dye T-Shirt

Male and Female Festival Trousers

When your at a festival you want a nice pair of trousers that stay comfy throughout the festival, it is also a bonus if these trousers dry nice and quickly, just in case the heavens open and you get wet.  Well we have a nice range of trousers that look great, feel fantastic and for the most part dry relatively quickly.  Below we have included a few examples of hippy trousers however you can view our whole trouser range here.

Striped Cotton Nepalese Cargo Trousers
These popular cotton festival trousers are perfect for both men and women.  With numerous colours and 5 sizes these comfy striped trousers suit most peoples needs and provide a loose comfy fit for enjoying the festival life.  Each pair of festival trousers comes with four pockets, two at the sides and two in the normal position for trouser pockets.  With a stretchy elastic waist band these trousers fit most people.

Thai Rayon Printed Pattern Trousers
Another light weight festival trouser which provides style and comfort to both men and women. These fantastic Thai trousers are made from an easy wash rayon material which is soft and flowing. Complete with pockets and elastic waist band these trousers fit a wide range of sizes although there is only one size trouser in this style.  Available in a variety of funky patterns including elephant as pictured below. 
Cotton Nepalese Patterned Trousers
These hippie trousers are made from a thicker cotton material and so offer a little more warmth, they are not too thick to be winter trousers but are thicker than our standard striped cotton trousers. Each pair of trousers comes with a funky Nepalese inspired design which complements the fun colour combinations, four pockets can be found so you’ve got places to store your junk while at the festival. Available in 3 sizes these elastic waist band trousers are perfect for men and women wanting to get into the festival spirit. printed pattern trousers menHarem Ali Baba trousers
These great looking trousers are often popular with people travelling through Asia and have become a popular sight at festivals across the UK.  We love these trousers that at a glance appear to be a skirt, its a fashion that really speaks of chill days and relaxed atmospheres.  We have a large range of these funky hippy favourites including cotton patchwork, cotton elephant and rayon printed pattern designs.  With an elastic waist band these trousers are suitable for many size groups as well as men and women.  The rayon version can also be worn as a play suit (see example picture below).
Example Patchwork Hippy Harem Trousers