Love FestivalsDifferent Types of Festival Folk

If you are a regular festival goer, you can’t help but notice that regardless of the festival, you will always see the same sort of characters. Here we take a look at five typical groups of people that you will no doubt see at some point at a music festival.

The Hippy’s

Yep, us good ole peace loving hippy’s! Dressed in our wonderful bright and colourful hippy clothing. Boy do we love festivals! Music festivals are such a great hippy-in-the-welsh-mountainsplace to let your hair down and embrace the festival vibe for the weekend. We wear what we want (not that we don’t anyway) however with the constraints in our daily lives it means that we don’t get to wear as much tie dye clothing, silly hippy hats or marvellous hippie clothing as we would like. Hippy’s and the likes go to festivals to have a great time, to have fun and make some amazing new friends. We sure do know how to relax and have a great time. I have met some amazing people in my time at festivals and think that festivals are very much like large communities. Everyone goes with the same goal in mind – to chill, relax and listen to some amazing live music. Oh and to wear poncho’s another major part of enjoying the festival. What could be better?!

The Newbies
Every single one of us has fallen into this category at some point. There was a first time for all of us. Can you think back and remember what that was like.. the excitement on the days before the festival – making sure that you have everything packed and ready to go, making sure that you had ID if you were lucky enough to look under 18-21, money stored in a safe place. Ready to go, the next part is the travelling to the festival which in itself is something pretty special. Knowing that you are on your way to your first festival, full of new experiences is just the best… You arrive and wow, blown away. So much to see and to do. Much exploring to be done. It is humbling and awe inspiring. You can always spot the newbies as they are walking around in a daze trying to take everything in at once. If you haven’t yet been to a festival you should go at least once for the amazing life experience it will give you. Once you have been to one though, be warned, it will be the start of many!!

The ‘Cool’ Parents and the Embarrassed Kids

Now when I say the cool parents, people may see this as a slight towards parents taking their kids to festivals however, I actually mean cool, dad dancing and all. I mean come on, what I would have given for my parents to have taken me to a festival when I was younger…
Becoming more and more of a phenomenon at UK festivals, these are the parents of teenagers who latch on and join them at a festival in a bid to rekindle their youth. There is nothing wrong with this. What the kids forget is that the parents were more likely attending festivals long before they were born and, if they weren’t and are new to the festival scene then so what…. festivals are for everyone of all ages! The great thing about parents taking kids to festivals is that they can share the festival experience. Time spent with family is wonderful quality time that should not be skipped no matter what age they are. They all have a great time but you will often see their children grimacing at their old skool dancing and how they swap their usual conservative clothing for a bunch of fair trade clothing and festival wear. Ah I say so what, stop being embarrassed kids and embrace the fact that your parents are festival lovers and are quite clearly awesome!

Drunk FestivalThe Festival Casualty

No matter the type or size of the festival there are always casualties. The festival casualty is present at all types of festivals in the UK and beyond. They are the ones who completely overindulge and are seen walking about in a zombie like state, not quite sure what day it is or even who they are. They can be found all across the festival site, often sleeping in your tent in the mistaken belief that it is theirs when you return from watching the headlining act….. Ooops! I think we have all gotten ourselves into a state from time to time. It is so easy to get carried away when at a festival. Too much drink, too much sun and not enough water is a bad mix. Thanks to St John’s ambulance tents and the staff wandering around to rescue us reprobates 🙂
You can avoid being in The Festival Casualty category but taking it easy. Everything in moderation folks. Just make sure that you are eating and drinking plenty of water..

The Social Media Junky

We all know one of these. The social media junky is unfortunately one of the more negative additions to festival crowds. The tech people are the ones who record every band they see with their phone above their heads, ruining the view for everyone behind them. If I am honest this is one of my biggest bug bears, not just at festivals but at all gigs. It is becoming more and more socially acceptable to get your  phone out and record anything and everything that takes your fancy . By all means carry on, just please, think of others around you and how your phone in front of their face affects them!

You will find that many, not all mind, are not there for the festival vibe or music, but just to show off to their friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that they are at a festival having an ‘amazing’ time. When asked at a later date who they saw and what they did, instead of accessing their memory bank and recalling the great times that they had, they will consult their phones or most recent SD card…

What category do you fit into???