The wonderful world of hippy clothing

The wonderful world of hippy clothing.

Oh the wonderful and magical world of hippy clothing. The clothing ideas are unlimited…

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing has been at the heart of the hippy clothing scene since we re first born in 2010.  Yes we know this was only six years ago but to us we really have come a long way.  When we first started out sourcing and selling unique hippy clothing, we had an aim to bring to people great hippy clothing that was hard to find.  Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing was started out of love for the hippy clothing fashion, not just from some guy that wanted to start selling hippy clothing.  I live in this clothing, I love the look and love finding and producing clothes that I can wear and share with people.  I have always said that the clothes you wear helps express who you are.  Well look no further than the hippyness of Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.

Through our relationship with our producers we managed to find and have made many new and interesting hippy clothing lines.  We  strive to make sure the boho hippy clothing that we sell is not just fun, funky and looks great but also feels good and is made from quality material.

We currently source hippy clothing from Nepal, Thailand, India and Indonesia.  The Nepalese have always provided us with great quality handmade hippy boho clothing and still continue to produce many wonderful clothing articles each year.
We have recently started sourcing a large amount of our hippy clothing range from Thailand as the Thai people are very good at producing high quality clothing in bright and colourful designs.  Thailand has become a great place for us to buy tie dye clothing as the Thai seem to have a knack a making these wonderful hippy must haves.

India has always been a place for the spiritual minded of people.  This country holds many of the religions that were embraced by hippies in the 1960’s.  The clothing that comes from India is both colourful and great for wearing in hotter climates due to the light weight and loose fitting nature of many of the designs.  We sell many items that are produced in India that take their inspiration from the traditional clothes of India.

It really doesn’t matter what country produces your new piece of Mystical Mayhem Hippy clothing as you can be sure we make every effort to make sure our boho hippy clothing range is fun, unique, functional and make from the best material we can find.  We only started Mystical Mayhem five years ago but we intend to bring great looking hippy clothing to the UK population for many years to come.