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This Week in Hippy History: 13th – 19th February

Week 8

Hippy HistoryHowdy, welcome back and welcome to week 8 of Mystical Mayhem Clothing’s This week in Hippy history.
This week was a pretty quite week in terms of interesting hippy fact so be prepared for randomness instead. Also, it is a busy week for birthdays so we have given some shout outs to some special people.
Some day’s it is just not possible find an interesting fact and so, I just make something up. I am pretty sure you will guess the ones that are made from my hippy brain.

13th Feb  – Happy Birthday Jaime Etherington!! Jamie is a very good friend of ours who has been in our lives for many years and here’s to many more to come!! xx

14th Feb – Happy Valentine’s Day to you beautiful people xxxx

14th Feb 1931 – The classic movie Dracula was released. Here we are talking about the original  black and white movie starring Bela Lugosi. Apparently when this opened in theatres, people were so unused to the horror theme that many people fainted. Now that’s what I call a horror movie. How times have changed through the years though and now horror has progressed. There is a popular misconception that this movie was based on Bram Stokers Dracula however, it is in fact based on a stage play from 1924 by John Balderston and Hamilton Deane. The stage play was only very loosely based on the novel by Stoker. If you haven’t seen it but love black and white horrors then you should most definitely give it a watch!

14th Feb – Happy Birthday Richard Griffin!! Rich is a wonderful man who is the stepfather of our very own head hippy and who is my Father-in-Law. We hope you have a fab day Rich. xx

14th Feb – Happy Birthday to the wonderful Lisa Turnbull-Green!! Sending our love across to you in NZ xx

14th Feb 270 – This is the date that St Valentine died. may years later the date of the 14th of February was marked as Valentine’s day as a celebration day.

15th Feb 1852 – The wonderful Great Ormond St Hospital is founded and admits it’s first patient. GOSH was the first hospital that provided in-patient beds that were the specifically for children of all ages in England. Housing 389 beds GOSH has been a godsend and has saved many many little lives and is still going strong to this day..

15th Feb 1964 – Surprise, this day houses another Beatles achievement. The awesome album “Meet The Beatles” makes it to #1 and remains at #1 for an amazing 11 weeks. Beatlemania goes wild!!! I have to say it is a bloody good album. I am biased though as I just LOVE the Beatles.

16th Feb at some point in history – Can you believe that it has been exactly years since the hippy thing happened that everyone loved. The hippy thing caused my laugher and much dancing and rejoicing was done. I love celebrating the hippy thing year on year and have done since I was a child.  The great thing about the hippy thing is that it can be whatever you want each year depending on your mood!!!

Feb 17th – Happy Birthday Mrs Penny Wilson!! Loves ya x

18th Feb – Happy Birthday Phil Howard! Now this awesome dude we have been friends with forever. Hope you have a great day x

18th Feb  1968 – Happy Birthday to the wonderful author Jean M Auel. For those of you that have not heard of Jean Auel, boy have you missed out. Jean is responsible for one of my favourite series of books ever – Earth’s Children Series. There are 6 books in this series and once you pick up book one you will not want to put it down, you will be hooked. The novels are set in prehistoric Europe and that is all I am going to tell you, you will have to read them. You will not be sorry that you did 🙂

19th Feb – Happy Birthday Benicio Del Toro! What can I say about this guy – just love him. I think that he is such a wonderful actor. I think my fav movie would have to be Fear and Loathing  – he plays drug fuelled maniac Dr Gonzo very well. He has done many other awesome movies too such as Snatch, Che, Sin City and the list of greatness goes on…..

19th Feb 2016 – The sad day that saw the passing of Harper Lee. Harper Lee was an American author most famous for her Novel To Kill a Mockingbird which was published in 1960. This wonderful novel gained immediate successes and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1961. Now classified as an American classic and in fact a classic everywhere, can you believe that To Kill a Mockingbird was inspired from her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama and its racist attitudes. If you have not read this novel then you 100% should. It is  classic for a reason so read it!

Well, there you have week 8. This week was a very busy week for hippy births. We hope you have enjoyed what you have read. See you next week.