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This Week in Hippy History: 17th – 23rd October

Week 2

Hippy HistoryHowdy and welcome to week 2 of Mystical Mayhem Clothing’s This week in Hippy history.
We have scoured the internet and our brains to find some fun and interesting hippy facts for you so read on and see what delights we have in store for you this week…….

17th October 1979 – Mother Theresa of India is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – this wonderful woman dedicated most of her life to combating poverty around the world. She was awarded the Peace Prize for exactly this alongside helping to fight distress that comes with the poverty. In 1950 Mother Teresa set up the missionaries of charity fathers which is  still active today in 133 countries and covers areas including, hospice, leprosy, education and AIDS. When the was awarded the prize she asked that the prize money of $192,000 was used to feed the hungry in India.  Mother Teresa was working so hard all throughout her life to promote peace – we need a few more like her 🙂

18th October 1975 – Simon and Garfunkel reunite on Sat Nite Live. Unfortunately, after spending so much time together and after making so much awesome music, compatibility became an issue and they decided that they could no longer work together. What a sad day 🙁 Every hippy would have no doubt be sad about this.

18th October 1926 – Chuck berry was born – one of the pioneers of rock and roll music started making music in 1955 with hits that you most likely will have heard of such as “Roll over Beethoven”&”Jonny B Goode” Now aged 89 and still going strong doing gigs where he can. Just a random little fact about Chuck was that he served 120 day in prison for tax evasion.

19th October 1963 – Beatles record I want to hold your hand – did you know that it was the very first Beatles track to be recorded using four-track equipment?! Went to number one, 2 weeks after release and stayed there for 5 weeks. It was also the lads first number one in the states.

20th October 1965 – Beatles received a gold record for single yesterday – this is such an awesome track!

20th October 1977 – Unfortunately this is the tragic day that 3 of the band members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, their tour manager and 2 pilots died is a plane crash. Lynyrd Skynyrd were most famously known for their single “Sweet Home Alabama” which most people love and is heard on the radio and in movies all the time it is that goods. They made so much other good music so if you have not heard of them then you should give them a listen.

20th October 1950 – Tom Petty Born – Tom Petty is an America signer, instrumentalist, and record producer. Well now for his music as an individual artist but is best know as the lead singer of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. You may also know him as one of the co-founders of the Travelling Willburys (another great band loved by us hippy’s). Tom has sold over 80 million records worldwide, making him one of the best selling music artists of all time which is the very reason he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

21st October 1975 – Elton John given star in Hollywood – I think that every hippy knows Elton John in fact not just hippy’s but most people who listen to music. For some people he is a little like Marmite where you either love him or you hate him. I LOVE him. Liked or not I think most people know his songs and like it or not can even sing along to a fair few. This man is a genius and has been making brilliant music since 1969. For his contributions to music and the fact that he has achieved so much he was given the infamous Hollywood star which is a wonderful feat for anyone who ends up on the boulevard! Dude even one an Oscar for best music  – original music for the Lion King “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. I think when I get home I may have to either pop on an album or watch the lion king…..

21st October 1917 – Dizzy Gillespie born John Birks was born. Is Jazz hippy I hear you ask – all music is hippy if it can take you to other places and you can appreciate and like it!  It is said that Dizzy was one of the best jazz trumpeters of all time if not THE BEST. After making such contributions to jazz music he taught and influenced many other jazz trumpeters including the brilliant Miles Davis. Active from 1935 to 1993 when he sadly died at age 75. We love a nice bit of jazz here at hippy HQ and have been a big Miles Davies fan for years.  Time for us to break out the Dizzy Gillespie.

22nd October 1969 – Paul McCartney denies rumours of his death – there were rumours floating around that Paul perished in a car crash. It is believed that this rumour was fuelled by the Abbey Road album cover where it is said that Paul is actually dead. This would be a very long article if I went into the story but if you Google it you can find the story. It is rather interesting. So, this is why Paul himself denied the rumours as he was and is still alive! Isn’t it funny how silly little things are blown all out of proportion and then odd elaborate rumours start to circulate.

23rd October 1959 – Weird Al Yankovic born. Real name Alfred Matthew, Weird Al has made a name for himself in the music business by working hard as an American singer, songwriter and record producer. Weird Al is well know for his wonderful sense of humour and his parodies of well known songs. He has over 150 parody songs and have performed well over 1,000 live shows – dude is busy. His fun works have earned the long haired hippy 4 Grammy awards,  four gold records and six platinum records all in the US. Weird Al is also a very well know radio voice, we love this guy, if you’re a fan of the Naked Gun film series you will also see Weird Al appear in the last one of these movies.

Well there you have it, week 2 of our hippy news article. We hope you enjoyed reading it and found out some new and interesting information. You may have read some random facts that you thought weren’t very hippy – they are there on purpose just because I thought that they were interesting 🙂