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This Week in Hippy History: 1st – 5th Feburary

Week 6

Hippy HistoryHello there, and welcome back to Mystical Mayhem Clothing’s This week in Hippy history.
You may have noticed that we have not posted one of these articles for some time and we have had a few people contact us to see if they are coming back – yes, they are coming back and here is the first one for this year!

1st Feb 1949 – The first ever record single was released by RCA.  This was released as a smaller and more durable replacement to the shellac disk. We are avid music collectors in our household and I have to say that other than a live gig, there is nothing better than listening to music played off of a record. It always sounds so much more authentic, especially the older original records.
Growing up, for me, records where what my parents used to listen to when they were young, I used to turn my nose up and pop on a CD. Now, I just love records!

1st Feb 1964 –  This day was another great day for the Beatles as this is when the fabulous single ” I Want to Hold Your Hand” became #1. Like many of the other Beatles releases, it didn’t just stay in the charts at #1 for 1 week, this baby stayed #1 for 7 weeks! As well as being #1 in the UK, this rack also gave the Beatles their first #1 in the US. This track was taken from the Album Meet the Beatles.

1st Feb 1978  – Harriet Tubman honoured on a US postage stamp. Ok, what makes this important you ask, well – Harriet was the first ever African American to be on a postage stamp.  The reason that Harriet had the honour of being on a stamp was due to the fact that she was recognised and praised as a great abolitionist. Harriet used to be a conductor for the underground railroad and placed herself in danger time and time again in order to help hundreds of slaves escape to freedom. Harriet was a strong, independent woman who had just what it took to stand up for what she believed in and did everything in her power to help those that needed her help. The Harriet Tubman postage stamp was part of the  “Famous Americans Series”

1st Feb 1851 – The wonderful English novelist, author and short story writer Mary Shelley passed away from complications with a brain tumour. I will be very surprised if the name Mary Shelley doesn’t ring any bells as she wrote such a great classic however, some people read and enjoy books without every retaining the name of the author. Mary Shelley  is word famous for her Gothic novel “Frankenstein” I found the story of how this novel came about quite funny, the only reason that this book came about was due to the fact that she was having a competition with her husband and some friends as to who could write the scariest horror story. Shelley has been thinking for days and days when she dreamt of this horrible scientist who created this life and was un-categorically horrified with what he had made. Shelley then adapted her dream into what we know today as “Frankenstein”. I believe that she won the competition. Shelley’s work has had such a large influence in literature and has spawned many a recreation in movies.

2nd Feb 1709 – Alexander Selkirk a British sailor is recued after 5 years of being marooned on a desert island. Selkirk, a 28 year old Scotsman well skilled in navigation was basically a legalised pirate for the crown. He was also a hothead and loved a good argument and scuffle. After one such argument with his Captain, he demanded to be placed on the largest deserted Island of the archipelago they were docked near in Chile. The Captain obliged, dropped him off and started away. Full of himself as he was, he had expected mutiny and other crew members to join him on the island, when this did not happen he waded after the ship Cinque Ports and begged the Captains forgiveness and asked to be allowed back on board. The answer was no and so Selkirk accepted his fate and it was not until this day 5 years later that he was rescued. For those avid readers amongst you, the plot of this story may sound a little familiar to you, the reason for this is that Alexander Selkirk’s story inspired the novel Robinson Crusoe.

2nd Feb 1922 – Just a random little one for you re the date and timings for that day – it was 2:22:22 on 2/2/22 – how often do you get a set of numbers like that.

3rd Feb 1967 – “Purple Haze” recorded by Jimi Hendrix. This is another fantastic Hendrix track which was written by Jimi and released as the 2nd record single by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Good ole Jimi keeps popping up in these articles but that is just because he is fab and has written and recorded some amazing music.

4th Feb 1938 – Yay – this is the date that Disney officially released Snow White to the world. Well it was in the Theatre first. For those of you who grew up with Disney will appreciate why I have added this. I just had to really, I loved these movies as a kid and still love them now. They are perfect for watching when you feel a little poorly sick and are having a duvet day!

4th Feb 1977 – The fantastic Fleetwood Mac album ” Rumours” is released. Wow – can you believe the “Rumours” was their 11th album. That’s rather quite a few! One of my favourite Fleetwood Mac albums.

5th Feb 2013 – Finally the house of commons votes in favour of same sex marriages. Why it took so long to get to this point is beyond me.  Equality all the way baby!

Well there you have it, a very belated week 6 of our hippy news article. We hope you enjoyed reading it and found out some new and interesting information. You may have seen read some random facts that you thought weren’t very hippy – they are there on purpose just because I thought that they were interesting 🙂 I always look forward to seeing what fun stuffs I can find out for you as to be honest I find it super interesting and fun too!
See you next week 🙂