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This Week in Hippy History: 20th – 26th February

Week 9

Hippy HistoryMorning guys and gals and welcome to week 9 of Mystical Mayhem Clothing’s This week in Hippy history.
We hope that you had a wonderful week last week and had a fabulous hippy Valentine’s day. We have lots of random information for you this week so;

20th Feb 1472 – Here is an interesting fact that I did not know – Orkney and the Shetland Islands were a gift to Scotland from Norway as a dowry payment for Margaret of Denmark.
Even though the nationality changed from Norwegian ( the islands were inhabited by Vikings) it is said that the islands have not quite lost their sense of Scandinavian heritage. The folklore of the Islands is very heavy on Norse mythology . Something to look up and read more of me thinks..

20th Feb 1963 – Happy Birthday Ian Brown!! Born in Warrington, Ian Brown grew up to become an iconic musician. Brown has produced some amazing music both solo and with the rock bad The Stone Roses. If the name does not ring a bell, I can guarantee that you will have heard the music at some point in your life. Although the Stone Roses was music of the 90’s, it just never gets old and, for Ian’s solo music it is just awesome and he is still recording his own tracks and albums.

20th Feb 1967 – If he were alive, today the American rock/grunge idol, Kurt Cobain would have been celebrating his 50th birthday! Kurt Cobain became very famous as lead vocalist in the amazing band Nirvana formed in 1987. Their 2nd album Nevermind was their most famous and to this day still very well loved. I still listen to this album and hear it often when out and about. This is an album that like the memory of Kurt will never die!!!

21st Feb 2016 – Now, I know being a fan of someone is a big deal to someone but sometimes I think fandom goes a little too far. Can you believe at an auction in Texas that someone paid $35,000 (£28,000) for a lock of John Lennon’s hair?!?!?! Is it me or is that just craziness….. even if I had an abundance of money….

21st Feb 1946 – This is the day that the wonderful man and amazing actor Alan Rickman was born.
Now this man has been in some awesome movies, all of which I love (one of my fav actors).  His roles have been so varied from Hans Gruber in Die Hard to The Metatron in Dogma and or course Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies. I don’t think that there is anyone on this planet that has not heard of Alan Rickman. With such a wonderful voice and career, were Alan Rickman still alive he would be making us all happy on screen.

22nd Feb 1987 – kooky pop artist Andy Warhol died of a heart attack aged only 58 years old. He dabbled, and succeeded, in all types or art from painting, sculptures and even film making. His studio, which was called the Factory, was world famous and visited by many famous celebrities when he held gatherings. He had gatherings so that he could bring together all types of people and study them and how they interact with one another. His paintings are very famous and if you cannot recall any of them then I suggest that you take a look on Google and check them out! Lots of them are full of nice, bright colours which of course us hippy’s just love 🙂

23rd Feb – The iconic movie based on the book by Irvine Welsh and directed by Danny Boyle is released. Have you guessed what it is yet? Stars Jonny Lee Miller & Ewan McGregor….. Yep, it’s Trainspotting of course!! This movie has been ranked #10 out of #100 of the best British movies of all time and has been hailed the best Scottish movie of all time! Trainspotting is classed as a black comedy and is rather dark so is not everyone’s cup of tea but I would recommend that anyone watch it and give it a try. Perhaps start with the trailer…… I have to say it also has a pretty sweet soundtrack..

24th Feb 1998 – Sir Elton John knighted. Elton was knighted not only in recognition to the contributions that he has made toward pop music but also for his effort and fundraising for AIDS charities. Elton has been making music for 54 years and is still going strong to this day and holding sell out gigs. I love so much of Elton’s music and have listened to him so much growing up. His songs never fail to put a smile on my face.

24th Feb 1786 – Wilhelm Grimm is born. Recognise the name? That’s correct, Wilhelm is the youngest brother of the Brothers Grimm. The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm had such wonderful imaginations and so collected and publish some of the best fairytales that this world has ever seen/read. Hansel & Gretel, Rumplestiltskin & Rapunzel are just to name a few. I think all children should grow up with these popular stories…

25th Feb 1969 – The awesome Beatles began recording my fav of their albums, Abbey Road. This album holds so many fond memories for me that I cannot help but smile when I hear any of the songs. Abbey Road is a rock album with tones of blue and even some pop. We have made mention of this album on several of these articles as there is so much that happened during recording and release. I still listen to this album now and would recommend it to anyone!

25th Feb 1943 – Happy Birthday George Harrison. Born in Liverpool, George went on to become one of the most famous musicians, certainly of my time. As part of the band the Beatles, George found fame rather early in life as lead guitarist and was rather overwhelmed by Beatlemania! As well as the Beatles, George was known for his own music as a solo artist and also for The Travelling Wilburys which was the super group formed which he co-founded.

26th Feb 1932 – Happy Birthday to the brilliant singer and songwriter Jonny Cash!!! Due this man is a genius. Know as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century and even one of the best selling artists of all time. I have to say, I am not that fond of country music as a rule however, I could listen to Cash for hours on end and have done on many occasions to be honest! Cash’s music did evolve and begun to incorporate sounds such as rock, blue and even gospel. Is there no end to this man’s talent?!?!?! Jonny had a rather troubled life but the only constant was his love for music and his love for his wonderful wife June Carter. If you get the chance, as well as listening to his music, you should read his biography.

26th Feb 1970 – Beatles Album Hey Jude aka Beatles Again” is released.  This wonderful album compilation album and is a collection of singles that never originally made it onto an album and a collection of B-sides.

Well, that’s all folks – for this week anyway. We hope that you have read something interesting and something that has inspired you to go and listen to a new artist, album or even read a new book. That is the idea of these articles.
have a good week and we hope to see you back again next week!