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This Week in Hippy History: 20th March – 26th March

Week 12

Hippy HistoryNamaste! Welcome back to Mystical Mayhem Clothing’s This week in Hippy history.
A relatively quiet week this week.

20th March 1963 –  I would like to wish David Thewlis a very happy birthday! English actor David Thewlis is admired by many.  With a wonderfully unique voice and amazing acting skills, it would seem that David was made for the big screen. You will  no doubt know Thewlis from his days as Remus Lupin, in Harry Potter however he has played so many great parts in so many great movies. Did you know that he was even in a couple of band in his youth. For those hippies reading this that enjoy ambient house, you will find David Thewlis sampled in S.A.L.T by The Orb. The sample that they have taken is from the movie Naked. Give it a listen it is awesome!

21st March 2017 – Spring is here – wohoo! Happy Ostara to you all.  Don’t you just love spring, the new flowers are coming up, the birds are singing loudly again and the animals are having little ones. God I just love it – the sun is shining and the air is crisp and clear. New sights and smells mean it is certainly a time for exploration and walking, basically spend as much time outdoors as you can and soak up that Vitamin D 🙂 Blessed Be!

22nd March  – sorry, having a blank day and cannot think of something to write so I have decided that nothing interesting has happened on this day to date 🙂

23rd March 1903 – The Wright Brothers obtained a patent for their airplane design. If it wasn’t for the brothers solving the crucial problems of mechanical flight, we would not be where we are today in terms of air travel. They revolutionised the flying machine and so  say thank you Wright Brothers.

24th March 1874 – Happy Birthday Harry Houdini! Houdini’s real name was Erich Weiss and he was born in Budapest. Houdini was famous for being a fantastic magician and an even better escape artist. There are still some of his escape and magic tricks that other magicians are still trying to work out to this day and just cannot seem to crack. Was it tricks, or was it magick?!

25th March 421 – The city of Venice was founded at precisely 12pm – random fact I know however, I just wanted to share as I absolutely adore Venice. Head Hippy and I went there 2 years ago and just loved it. I would really like to go back at some stage as although we walked about 75% of the city, there is sooo much to see

25th March 1942 – Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin! What a wonderful soul sister she is. Such a stunning voice that I could listen to all day long, and have done on occasion. Most well known for her song Respect which she sang in the movie Blues Brothers however, she has made such great music over the years that you just need to listen to.

25th March 1947 – Happy Birthday Elton John. Real name Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Elton is one hell of a musician and one that that I have been trying to see live for years and years but have just never managed t o get ticket. Elton is my guilty pleasure and I love all of his music from Rocket Man to Step into Christmas which just so happens to be a family fav of me and my older brother 🙂

25th March 1918 – was a sad day for the classical music industry as it said goodbye to a wonderful composer Claude Debussy. The stories told in Debussy’s music is just lovely yet haunting. I find Debussy’s music so very relaxing that I just love to listen to it whilst meditating or chilling out on my Yantra mat. If you haven’t heard any of Claude’s music before, you should for sure..

26th March 1872 – Thanks goodness for Thomas J Martin. This date was when the patent for Martins’ fire extinguisher went through. Although Martin didn’t invest the very first extinguisher, the patent that he was granted was for one that was very much improved. His extinguisher was said to be one that attached to a reservoir or water and used to spray burning fires. Oh how we have come such a long way.

We hope that you enjoyed this week’s random nuggets of fact.  This week seems to be full of birthday’s and patents..
See you next week 🙂