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This Week in Hippy History: 27th Feb – 5th March

Week 10

Hippy HistoryMorning you hippy ladies and gents! Welcome to week 10 of Mystical Mayhem Clothing’s This week in Hippy history.
We hope that you had a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead.

27th Feb 1990 – this day was the final day of run rations in the Royal New Zealand Navy. Can you believe that there were still rum rations happening in 1990?!?!? This day became Black Tot Day for New Zealand. Black Tot Day already existed in the Australian Royal Navy (1921)  UK Navy (31st July 1970) and the Canadian Navy (31st march 1972) finally followed by New Zealand. The reason that the rations were formalised in the Navy back in 1740 was due to the fact that drunkenness on board was becoming a huge problem. Fights were breaking out and  sailors were becoming unreliable and unable to carry out their duties. This is when the daily tot was brought in…..and now it has gone again. Wohoo! Can you imagine rum rations – I don’t think I would like that!

27th Feb 2002 – A very sad day – the comedian, children’s author, writer, actor, ad-libber and oh so much more, Spike Milligan left this world. I remember growing up listening to his poems and reading his books. My all time favourite children’s poem written by Spike was “On the Ning Nang Nong” Does anyone else recall this? Google it and I am sure that you will recognise it! Spike was such a funny man and was fully appreciated as just that. As well as playing the funny man, Spike did also have some straight roles within which he excelled.  For those of you who are perhaps too young to recall Spike Milligan, he was a very interesting man and I strongly suggest that you look him up 🙂

28th Feb 1939 – There was a word found in the Webster’s New International Dictionary that was made up and had absolutely no meaning what so ever. The erroneous work was “Dord” The word dord went undiscovered for years and was picked up when someone noticed that it has no description or meaning. There was some toing and froing  where the publishers tried to give the word meaning but alas, they could think of nothing as so the word was removed… I wonder where it came from in the first place and how it got there? Also, I wonder how many others there are in dictionaries across the world.

28th Feb – It’s Pancake Day! Mmmmmmm yummy. I do love pancakes, with a little honey and if am feeling naughty some melted choccie. Head hippy loved plain old sugar and lemon juice. – How do you eat yours

1st March 1944 – Happy Birthday Roger Daltrey.  Daltrey, the English rocker is said to be the founding member of The Who. God I love that band! You will know Roger as the lead singer of the Who. In 2010 Daltrey  was ranked #61 in the Rolling Stones Greatest  100 Singers of all time.

1st March 1968 – The great singer and songwriter Jonny Cash weds the love of his life June Carter. Now what a wedding this would have been – a proper country wedding I am sure. They both would have looked amazing and the guest list would have been pretty cool too. I wonder what music they had…

2nd March 1965 – The Sound of Music is released starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. This is said to be one of the most popular musical films of all times. I mean, everyone has seen it right?!? Classic movies with a wonderful sound track and some beautiful singing.

2nd March 1904 – Happy Birthday Theodor Geisel or as most of us know him, Dr. Seuss. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts he went on to become one of the most famous children’s authors of all time although, his stories are enjoyed by adults just as much as kids

3rd March 1931 – The track “Minnie Moocher” was recorded by Cab Calloway. I fell in love with this song the first time that I heard it and it is all down to the movie The Blue Brothers. In the movie Cab memorably reprises the song and it sounds awesome. The song (and Cab) is that good that it was Jazz’s first record to have sold 1million copies. Wow!!! Cab has a wkd voice and I could listen to it all day 🙂

3rd March 1965 – The 3rd of March is a day for good songs! – “My Girl” by The Temptations reaches #1. What a band and what a song – LOVE! Another song introduced to me by a movie – one of the same name starring Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky.  I have not watched this movie in years but I remember it well and it has me in tears every time.

4th March 1994 – what a sad day this would have been for many – R.I.P John Candy. John Candy was a wonderful actor with such comedic timing! He starred in some of my favourite films growing up – Cool Running’s, Uncle Buck & Space balls just to name a few. I loved his acting and his voice. Legend!

5th March 2015 – A face resembling Nicholas Cage has been found etched onto a small cucumber. Unfortunately, I ate it before I could show anyone – I was very hungry. It tasted yummy!

So, there are this week’s facts and random ramblings for you. We hope that you have read something interesting and if not, well there is always next week 😉