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This Week in Hippy History: 3rd – 9th April

Week 14

Hippy HistoryAhhh the sun is shining and the weather was mighty fine at the weekend. Hope y’all had a good one.
We have a right mix for you this week from birthdays to lesser spotted animals.

3rd April 1961 – Happy Birthday to funny man Eddie Murphy. I have grown up watching this man on TV, in movies and as a stand up comic and I have to say that he is just hilarious. Murphy has been in so many movies such as Beverly Hills Cop, 24 Hours, Coming to America, Dr Doolittle – the list goes on. He is a great actor in adult and kids movies. His live stand up comedy shows have got me through many a tough time. Feeling a little upset, pissed off or a little bit down, just stick on Eddie Murphy Raw and I am laughing and feeling better in no time. To Eddie Murphy!

4th April 1958 – The Aldermaston Marches Begin. That date was the very 1st march against nuclear weapons. This was the first major march spanning over 4 days and was organised by the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War and was supported by CND – Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.  It is said that several thousand people took place in the march that went from Trafalgar Square in London to The Atomic Weapons Establishment to demonstrate their opposition to nuclear weapons. These marches went on until the 1960’s and in their height it has been reported that 10’s of thousands in fact a 100,000 was estimated to have attended.

4th April 1964 – Can’t buy me Love single by the Beatles goes to #1 and stays there for 5 weeks. There are so many of their songs and albums that went to #1 and stayed there for consecutive weeks. Say’s a lot really as they were pretty awesome!

4th April 1979 – Were he still alive today we would be wishing Heath Ledger a very happy birthday and so instead we can wish happy birthday to his memory. Heath was a fabulous actor and I loved him from the moment that I first saw him in 10 things I hate about you. With his boyish good looks and charming ways, mixed with his amazing acting skills, this is a man who could have gone really far if not for his very unfortunate death. Ledger certainly put his all into his movies and it showed. There was not a bad movie that he was ever in.

5th April 2016 – PayPal withdraws $3.6 million dollar investment from North Carolina. The reason, it would seem that North Carolina are rather discriminative to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender folk. On March 23rd North Carolina passed a law that prevents cities from banning discrimination against the LGBT community.  I mean how bloody ridiculous, it’s disgusting that they think that this is still ok!!! I say good on PayPal for standing up for the community and speaking against NC.

5th April 1994 – Goodnight Kurt Cobain. It was on this day that Kurt was discovered dead in Seattle. It is said that the evidence point to suicide by gun as Cobain was going through some very tough times. There are conspiracy theories that it was murder but the fact of the matter is that no one knows and so I say, let the grunge god rest in peace.

6th April 1722 – What a happy day for bearded folk. Peter the Great who was at that time the Tsar of Russia decided that it was about time to end taxes on men with beards. I thought this one was really funny. The government would make an absolute fortune these days with the amount of beards there are these days. Poor head hippy would be taxed very much!

6th April 1980 – Post It Notes were Introduced to the world. Oh where would I be without these colourful squares of helpfulness. I have so many packets of these. Mostly only in the standard yellow however, I do not care what colour, shape or size that they are as if I didn’t have them prompting my memory on a daily basis.. well…….

7th April 1939 – Happy Birthday to a wonderful director Francis Ford Coppola. Coppola was responsible for the classic movie The Godfather. I think that most people have heard of this even if they have not seen it and most can probably quote a line or 2. Also known for Apocalypse now and Bram Stokers Dracula. As well as a director he is also an excellent producer and screenwriter.

8th April 1943 –  Were he still on this earth I would be wishing one of my favourite authors a very happy birthday. This was the birth date of horror writer James Herbert. His books really are amazing, one of my favourites being the Ash Books and a book called once. If you like a good horror book then you should definitely check him out.

9th April 1991 – The lesser spotted chamelahorse was discovered in Warwickshire. This 17 legged horse is a master of disguise and is able to change the colour of his hair and skin to match his surroundings. The camelahorse is as fast as the speed of light and is very difficult to spot. This one is named Barry and thinks of himself a s a bit of a hippy. Barry loves to wear brightly coloured hippy clothing and sneak into festivals as he loves all music and fairground rides. Anyway, I shouldn’t really tell you too much about him, he is rather shy.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the ear and hope to see you again next week.