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This Week in Hippy History: 6th – 12th Feburary

Week 7

Hippy HistoryHello there, and welcome to week 7 of Mystical Mayhem Clothing’s This week in Hippy history.
Some day’s it is just not possible find an interesting fact and so, I just make something up. I am pretty sure you will guess the ones that are made from my hippy brain.

6th Feb 1935 – The fun family game Monopoly goes on sale for the first time ever. I know this is not hippy however it just brings back many memories. Sitting round on a rainy afternoon with my family playing this game which we all had a love/hate relationship with.  Most people will have played this numerous times over their life, from childhood all through to adulthood. There have been many an argument had playing this game over anything from buying  something that another person wanted (aim of the game) through to cheating.. good times eh?! Still play it now though every now and again! Just be warned, only play this with your spouse if you have a strong solid relationship haha!

6th Feb 1945 – Happy Day of Birth Mr Bob Marley. What a wonderful day for the world that this was. Bob was a world famous acclaimed artist and is known as one of the world best selling artists of all time. His music style was a mix of reggae and ska and he has such a way with his vocal and song writing style that resonated with so many people across the globe. As a committed Rastafarian, his music was well infused with love and spirituality. Marley was and although he is now passed, he still is one of the world’s most influential musicians.
There are many similarities between hippies and Rastafarians – the want of peace and love is the main one that we should all strive to achieve as best we can.

7th Feb 1944 – Bing Crosby’s Swinging on a star recoded. I have to admit that I absolutely love this song. It never fails to make me smile which is just wonderful. Don’t you love it when you hear the intro to a song and a smile instantly comes across your face. I have many a song that does this but this is one of them for sure. If you haven’t heard this song you should! Bing Crosby ( real name Harry Lillis Crosby, Jr.) has recorded lots of great songs that I am sure we all know and love, White Christmas being one of them. He has also been in some classic, well loved movies.

7th Feb 1974 – The wondrous day that Blazing Saddles first opened in movie theatres. Now what a movie this is. Mel Brooks is a genius and what can I say about Gene Wilder… Classic is what I would call this movie. I was brought up on this move and it has me in stitches every time that I watch it. I cannot eat beans without thinking of this movie 🙂 Love it, love it, love it!!! I watched it only a few weeks ago but may have to now watch it again. If you have never seen it and you love a comedy that is silly and will make you laugh then it is a must see for sure…

7th Feb 1962 – Comedy king Eddie Izzard born.  Eddie is one funny man and is a writer, stand up comedian and an actor. He also does lots of charity work – you must have heard about his 43 marathons in 51 days… I don’t think I could run 1 let along 43! Well done Eddie!!! Eddies comedic style is very whimsical and he likes to ramble  alot. I cannot watch one of his stand ups without crying. We have had the pleasure of watching him live on occasion too. As well as his stand up shows, I enjoy watching Eddie in movies too – just his voice makes me smile.

8th Feb Somewhen – it was discovered that the colour purple, in fact not just the colour purple but all colours, had both a scent and a flavour. Each scent and flavours are so unlike anything ever smelt or tasted before that they can have no description other then the name of the colour itself. I have to say I am quite partial to both purple and orange. Sometimes depending on my mood a little yellow, or green. Have you ever licked the colour yellow? Delicious!!

9th Feb 0000 – The Afootian was invented by Carl Bunkle. Carl was rather a strange fellow who just loved to use his feet in place of his hands and yes as you can guess, his hands in place of his feet. Rather odd however, it takes all kinds to make the world go round.  Carl loved the sound of the accordion and so he decided he would try and learn. Lo and behold, as you can imagine, it was rather impossible for Carl to play the accordion with his feet and so, the afootian was born. The afootian is a version of the accordion which is very foot friendly. The sound emitted from this musical instrument is not unlike the accordion but also, is not like anything that I have ever heard before…

10th Feb 1940 – My favourite childhood cartoon “Tom and Jerry” had their debut. Many hours were spent watching these guys. Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in the 1940’s, these series of short movies were such a hit across the globe that they won 7 academy awards. From the period 1940 to 1958 they created 114 of these slap stick shorts.

10th Feb 1990 – SA president F.W. de Klerk announced that Nelson Mandela was to be freed. After talks with nelson he made the decision that he would be free the following day on February 11th. Damn fine news!

11th Feb 1990 – Mandela Freed! As promised by F.W. de Klerk, Nelson Mandela was freed from prison after 27 years.

11th Feb 1878 – Very first weekly weather report published in the UK – I am not really sure why this is so interesting but it kind of is. I mean how many us check the weather forecast for planned days out etc. I know I for sure have planned weekends away just from a 10 day forecast. I know that they are not always accurate but what would be do without them as I know that I for certain have no idea how to read weather….

12th Feb 1809 – The naturalist who conceived the theory of evolution is born – happy birthday Charles Darwin.  Darwin wrote that all species of life have evolved and descended over time from common ancestry. I could spend a long time writing about Darwin and his theories however, if you are interested, you should most definitely Google his works.

Well there you have it, our random facts for this week.
We hope you enjoyed reading it and found out some new and interesting information. You may have seen read some random facts that you thought weren’t very hippy – they are there on purpose just because I thought that they were interesting 🙂 I always look forward to seeing what fun stuffs I can find out for you as to be honest I find it super interesting and fun too!
See you next week 🙂