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This Week in Hippy History: 6th March – 12th March

Week 11

Hippy HistoryGood morning lovely peoples. We hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Welcome to week 11 of This Week in Hippy History.
We always have great fun researching for these articles so we hope that you have fun reading them…

6th March 1970 – Let it Be is released. Another amazing track by the Beatles. Let it be was from the Beatles 12th and final studio album and was actually released after the band has disbanded. As with many of their other songs and albums, it reached #1 in the UK and the US amongst others. LOVE the Beatles and only wish I had been around when touring so I could have seen them live.
I have seen the Bootleg Beatles though and they were fantastic 🙂

6th March 1475 – Happy Birthday Michelangelo! Michelangelo – full name Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was an Italian poet, painter, sculptor and architect of the Renaissance. Michelangelo is was most famous for his work on ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and he has since because of his work on the chapel has been described as one of the greatest artists of all time.  You will probably also have been his David Sculpture. I would highly recommend looking up his works on Google as they are amazing. Michelangelo was such an amazing artist and has helped shaped art along with his rival Da Vinci.

7th March 1876 – The telephone is patented by Alexander Graham Bell. Thanks that man. The telephone has been a wonderful invention. Such a genius way to be able to stay in contact with friends and loved ones and absolutely necessary for contacting emergency services. Just look at how far the technology has come since then – from the basic phone to the all singing and all dancing mobile phone. These days most people cannot live without or be separated from their mobile phones. Personally I think it has gone a little too far and miss the days when a phone just made calls and sent txts. Anyone else feel that way??

7th March 1958 – If he were alive still alive today we would be wishing one of the funniest man on television as very happy 59th Birthday. The amazingly talented comic that I am referring to is the one and only Rik Mayall. His humour may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but for me, I grew up watching him on the TV crying with laughter, watching the likes of The Young Ones, Blackadder and bottom etc. Such wonderfully genius programs which are still well loved and watched to this day.

8th March 1973 – Paul and Linda McCartney were fined £100 for growing cannabis in their house – bloody hippy’s 😉

9th March 1706 – Being a hippy is wonderful as it means that I love pretty much all music( ok so there are a  few genres that I am not keen on however I can appreciate the music). This day was a sad day for classical music as is the day that Johann Pachelbel, the brilliant composer passed away at aged 52. Pachelbel is most famously know for his piece Canon in D. Most of you will have heard it for sure. Wonderful piece of music as is Fugues. I do love classical music from time to time, so relaxing yet full of emotion!

10th March 1940 – Happy Birthday Carlos Ray – or should I say Chuck Norris the well known hard man! Everyone loves Chuck Norris!!!

11th March 1967 – Arnold Layne, Pink Floyds debut single is released. Written by Syd Barrett this song is just brilliant. Apparently the sing is about a transvestite who likes to steal underwear etc from washing lines. Apparently based on a true story….The track reached #20 in the UK charts however, after a while it was deemed too out of the ordinary for listeners and was banned for a while. Pink Floyd are well known for their random and abstract music and it is just amazing. One of my all time favourite bands. I just wish I could have seen them live.

12th March 2015 – A very sad day indeed. This is the day that an amazing author of some of my fav fantasy novels, Terry Pratchett passed away. He has been expecting this due to Alzheimer’s. He has written some absolutely amazing books!

We hope that you enjoyed this week’s random nuggets of fact.  If you have any interesting facts that you want to share then just let me know and I will see what I can get added.
See you next week 🙂