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This Week in Hippy History: 7th – 13th November

Week 5

Hippy HistoryHello there, and welcome back to Mystical Mayhem Clothing’s This week in Hippy history.
We have looked high and low to find some fun and interesting hippy facts for you this week so please, dive on in and take a look…………..

7th November 1943 – Joni Mitchell born. Happy Birthday Joni!! Joni is a wonderful musical artist and has produced so many amazing songs and albums that we hear all of the time. Her music is widely loved so much so that you can often hear it on the radio, used in movies and via many artists who have covered her songs. As well as being a musical treasure, Joni is a brilliant artist. Throughout her years Joni has been known as a hippy and has worn some amazing hippy clothing. You will have seen these inspiring ensembles when you see pictures of her. There is so much to this humble lady and I would highly recommend reading up about her on her website where you can find her biography’s.
Joni Mitchell

8th November 1847 – Bram Stoker born. Happy Birthday Abraham! You hippy folks will most likely know Bram for his brilliant gothic tale “Dracula” This is a book that I have loved since I first read it and is a pure classic. Bram was born in Ireland and had British Citizenship.  Before writing Dracula, Bram spent years travelling Europe researching stories of vampires and folklore.  If you have not ready it you really should. Check out some of his other novels too – The Lady of the Shroud and The Lair of the White Worm are good ones.

 9th November 1927 – The giant panda discovered. Although from around 1869 China was aware of a black and white bear like creature which they hunted for its large pelt. They then soon discovered that it would be better if they could capture a live one to work out what it was. They managed to capture a cub and then pandamania  started and is still going strong to this day.. Pandas are now an endangered species and zoos are doing what they can to help them reproduce.  We do like Panda’s with their docile natures and their cute faces 🙂

9th November 1984 – Wes Craven Nightmare on Elm Street premiers -wohoo! So, those of  you that regularly read these weekly articles will realise that I am a lover of horror movies which is why they will pop up from time to time when I get excited 🙂
This movie used to scare the bejeesus out of me when I was a kid – it used to take me hours to get to sleep after I had watched it. I must have seen it about 100 times I used to like it that much. They don’t make cheesy horrors quite like this anymore which is a shame. Wes Craven is awesome! I also liked it as it was the first movie that I saw Jonny Depp in. He was pretty then and is pretty now 🙂

10th November 1793 – France ends forced worship of god. This date was known as the dechristianisation of France. Now, we don’t usually bring up the subject of religion however, I wanted to put this in as I think it is a great marker point for people to be able to choose their own religion (if any) and not have any forced upon them as so used to happen and does still happen in some cases today although, the majority can choose as they wish. Freedom of choice, peace and love are the way forward..

11th November 1974 – Leonardo DiCaprio born. Happy Birthday Leo! Now this guys is such an amazing actor. I have grown up watching him in movies and feel as though I have grown up with him he has been in so much. Known for so many brilliant movies, he really is one of the greats with his versatile acting skills. As well as being a brilliant movie icon, Leo is also an environmentalist activist and has been for many many years when he first started the Leonard DiCaprio foundation 1in 1998 which is a non profit organisation  which is devoted to promoting environmental awareness. Something more people should be involved in. Leo is known for being a little bit hippy.

12th November 2016 – Chicken soup for the soul day. After searching around for something for this day, I came across a website that has some weird and whacky national holiday dates and according to them it is Chicken Soup for the Soul Day! Quite obviously this day was created for commercial values however, we should take some stock (haha no pun intended) and take heed as it is well known that chicken soup is good for you. Are you upset, feeling a little under the weather or need a bit of comfort, chicken soup if the way forward as it really will help you to feel better.

13th November 1955 – Whoopi Goldberg born. Happy Birthday Whoopi! Wow this week in history really is a busy one for birthdays. I have to say we love Whoopi. She is a wonderful actress and is extremely funny. Whoopi’s real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson. Nominated for many Emmy awards and has several along with a Grammy award and an Oscar.

Well there you have it, week 5 of our hippy news article. We hope you enjoyed reading it and found out some new and interesting information. You may have seen read some random facts that you thought weren’t very hippy – they are there on purpose just because I thought that they were interesting 🙂 I always look forward to seeing what fun stuffs I can find out for you as to be honest I find it super interesting and fun too!
See you next week 🙂