Fair Trade Clothing

Benefits of Fair Trade Clothing - Hippy ClothingThere are so many benefits of fair trade clothing. Enough to make you stop and think before you make a purchase that’s for sure. “Is this fair trade?”is a question that we should all be asking ourselves on a regular basis. Not necessarily just for our hippy clothing either but perhaps for other purchases that we make.

Some folk are unsure also as to what constitutes as fair trade. We are going to try and help you with that by letting you know what fair trade is and what the benefits of fair trade clothing are..

What is Fair Trade

WFTO (The World Fair Trade Organisation) is the body that regulates fair trade items that aren’t food or drink. They define Fair Trade as ‘a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalised producers and workers.’Benefits of Fair Trade Clothing - Winter Hippie Clothing

Basically this means that everyone should be treated fairly, paid fairly and given the same opportunities as everyone else – no matter where in the world that you are. People used think that they can get items made in other, poorer countries, and take advantage of the workers because it used to be an easy thing to do! Now with more and more people getting on board with fair trade these producers can made a decent living for themselves and their families. A business that they can build on and pass down through the generations.

We wouldn’t stand for it here in the UK so why should they?!

Supporting fair trade you really can make a difference to the world. We are huge supporters of fair trade here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. Not just in terms of our clothing but also our lives in general. We buy, where we can, fair trade goods.

So, when it comes to hippie clothing, what are the benefits of buying fair trade?

Benefits of Fair Trade Clothing

I would have to say that to me, some of the main benefits are the fact that you are helping to reduce poverty and, you are encourage environmentally friendly production methods. Not to mention that you are safe guarding humane working conditions. There truly are so many reasons that it is something that we should all buy.

The WFTO have created 10 principals of fair trade which to be honest I would say are also the benefits. Here are some of the principals which will help you see why when it comes to your hippy clothing, you should be buying fair trade!

Benefits of Fair Trade Clothing - Tie Dye Hippy ClothingPrincipals 1, 4 & 5

1) Creating Opportunities for Disadvantaged Producers – this helps massively when it comes to tackling poverty in economically disadvantaged places. The aim is to enable them to move from an insecure and uncertain future to self-sufficiency and security.

4) Fair Payment – this is something that has been mutually negotiated. Fair payment consists of fair prices, fair wages and local living wage.  The local living wage has to be a sufficient wage to enable a decent standard of living for not only the worker but for their family too.

5) Ensuring No Child Labour and Forced Labour – WFTO and in turn anyone who deals in fair trade, adheres to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and national/local law on the employment of children. Many of the producers that we use for our hippie clothing is made by small companies. These companies are cottage industries which tend to include all of the family. This does include children but it is not forced. They are included because these businesses someday will be theirs. They are learning valuable skills. WFTO understands this. Any child involved is always disclosed from the outset. Providing that their welfare and safety are not affected and that they are still getting an education and time to play and be a child, there are no issues.

Principals 6,7,8 & 10

6) Non Discrimination, Gender Equality & Freedom of Association – no need to elaborate really. This is something that we should all strive to.Benefits of Fair Trade Clothing - Hippy Shirts

7) Ensuring Good Working Conditions – ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all workers. This covers not only health and safety but working hours too making sure that they are not over worked which in turn helps them to stay healthy. We all know what it is like to feel overworked and it is not good!

8) Capacity Building – allowing for personal development. Management building skills, negotiating skills, production capabilities and also a access to international markets as well as local.

10) Respect for the Environment – maximising the use of raw material where possible from sustainable sources and buying locally where possible to support the local environments.
They seek to reduce energy consumption and minimise greenhouse gas emissions. They also aim to minimise the amount of waste that is disposed of and recycling where possible.
Take our patchwork range for example, it is all made from material off cuts that would otherwise be thrown away and sent off to the nasty general landfill.

Buyers and producers alike give priority to buying products and materials from sustainable sources. All with a view to reducing the damaging impact that we all make on the environment.
All of our producers dispatch good via sea to try and reduce emissions.

Going Forward

So, there you have it folks, when it comes to hippy clothing, these are some of the benefits of fair trade clothing.

As it isn’t mass produced, fair trade clothing tends to be better made. The people making them actually care. They are paid a fair wage, are making a life for themselves and are happy.  It may mean that items seem expensive but think about it, it is no more expensive that the mass produced, often non far trade items that you buy on the high street. Our hippie clothing will last longer, so you can reduce your consumption, lighten your burden on the earth and look fantastic. All with a simple switch to fair trade!