Well we couldn’t really claim to be a hippy clothing shop without selling some tie dye clothing now could we. Currently we stock tie dye T-shirts, tie dye vest tops and much more.  All of our tie dye clothing comes all the way from lovely Thailand as well as Nepal.

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Tie Dye Clothing

Tie Dye ClothingEach one of our fair trade tie dye items is hand dyed in Thailand.  Every tie dye shirt or vest top in our hippy clothing range is unique as the technique used to dye materials means the results are going to be different every time.  We really have such a great rage of clothing here for you that you are spoilt for choice.

Tie Dye T-Shirts

Our Fair Trade t-shirts are made from 100% soft cotton in a variety of colours and sizes. We have so many different colours for you to choose from. The short sleeve tie dye t-shirts look amazing and will help keep you cool on the warm summer days. Perfect for lounging at home, on the beach, on holiday or wherever you want to wear them. What a way to stand out in the crowd.
The long sleeve t-shirt are made as above from nice soft cotton however they are long sleeved instead of short which makes them the -shirt of choice for the Autumn and Winter months.

Tie Dye Skirts and Dresses

Wearing one of our tie dye skirts of dresses really is a sure fire way to get yourself noticed. These uber pretty tie dye skirts and dresses really are a great way to make a statement and show off your hippy chic side. All handmade making them all something special. We have may different styles and colours for you. We have short skirts and dresses, long skirts and dresses and also some 2 in one which can be worn as either dependant on your mood! So so many options for you that you really should come and take a look.

More Tie Dye Clothing Tie Dye Clothing

In addition to the tops, skirts and dresses we have so many more varieties in this range including, jeans, shorts, hot pants and much more!  For those of you who have not come across this style of clothing before then here is a brief run down of what it is other than fun and funky!

What is Tie Dye?

This is a process of making something plain into something amazingly bright and colourful. This is usually done by method of tying and dyeing a piece of fabric or cloth which is made from knit or woven fabric, the most common being fabric. Tie-dyeing is accomplished by folding the material into a pattern, and binding it with string or rubber bands. Dye is then applied to only parts of the material. The ties prevent the entire material from being dyed. Designs are formed by applying different colours of dyes to different sections of the wet fabric.  It is said that wet fabric is much easier to dye than a dry t-shirt. Once complete, the material is rinsed, and the dye is set.
How cool – have you or do you know of anyone who has done any of their own tie dyeing before?

Tie dye is one of the most iconic pieces of hippy festival clothing which is why we are proud to bring to you one of the most interesting ranges in the UK. Hippie clothing has never looked better.