Top 5 Hippy Winter Warmers

Top 5 Hippy Winter WarmersThe winter is coming to an end however, they (whoever they are) say that there is another cold snap a’ coming and so I wanted to share with you our top 5 hippy winter warmers to help see you through the remainder of the season. These top items of hippy clothing will not only see you through the rest of the winter but, through the rest of the year too. Even in the summer there are cold days and nights and so you will be wearing this fab clothing all through the year for many years to come.

The cold days can be sooooo miserable and can tend to make us a little depressed. This is unfortunately a proven fact. What has also been proven, although not to the same extent, is that bright colours can make you happier. It is true! Just think about it for a second, when you wear brighter and happier colours, you tend to have more of a sunnier disposition. Ok so this is not always the case but I know from personal experience that for me it is.

The more I like an item of clothing and the more colourful it is, the happier I am. Don’t get me wrong, the clothing doesn’t need to be bright dayglow, just enough to make me smile. This is why I just love hippy clothing in all forms and wear nothing else. Unique, individual and most likely no-one else will be wearing the same. Happy days!

I digress – here goes, here are our top 5 hippy winter warmers to help keep you cozy!

1) Wool JacketsTop 5 Hippy Winter Warmers

Fed up of being cold and having to wear the same old boring jackets that everyone else has? Well no more do you have to be like everyone else –  These fleece lined lovelies will keep you toasty when you are out and about. This wool range is our most popular when it comes to keeping the cold at bay. Hand dyed and then hand knitted from 100% wool finished off with a nice polar fleece lining.

These hippy wool jackets come in a wide variety of colours and styles and also in varying sizes. From rainbow striped through to patchwork pixie hooded and even some tie dye. Black, white and almost every other colour you can think of with a little extra thrown in. Some are bright and and make people open their eyes whilst others are a little more toned town but no less beautiful. The designs vary from plain knit through to traditional Nepalese styles which feature some stunning embroidery work.
They are handmade mostly in Nepal by some very skilled families they really are number 1 when it comes to our top 5 hippy winter warmers.

Top 5 Hippy Winter Warmers - Fleece Lined Trousers2) Fleece Lined Trousers

Yep, you just read that right… fleece lined trousers. Oh what a delight they are and as you can imagine they are waaaarrrm! Which is of course, is exactly what we were aiming for. We currently have one style of these pants but, trust me when I say this has not hindered the love.  One of our most popular styles of hippy trousers has been given a power- up. Our thick cotton patchwork trousers just got more popular. They are just perfect for a colourful pick me up and are just perfect for our cold weather.

I have been told that they are wonderful for hiking. We even have some friends in Norway who say’s that they even keep them warm!  These pants are made from colourful patches of cotton which are sewn together in a random fashion. Some of the patches have fabulous hippy prints and others are plain. No two pairs are the same!

3) Wool SocksTop 5 Hippy Winter Warmers - Long Wool Socks

Soft & toasty these amazing wool socks are so great that once you put them on you will be hard pressed to want to take them off. Hand knitted in a huge array of colours, each pair has been finished off with a polar fleece lining. Can you sense the theme here. #1 ,2 & 3 of our top 5 hippy winter warmers all have fleece lining…… Well, it does get bloody cold!

We have 2 different types of wool socks here for you – standard and long. The standard come up to your ankles and the long, depending on your legs of course, are mid calf. The standard version also comes in a mohair option. We have plenty of sizes for you to choose from as we don’t want to leave anyone out. Nothing worse than having cold feet. Well cold ears might be worse but I am undecided as yet.. These wool hippy socks are nice and thick and so really do keep your toesies warm.

Top 5 Hippy Winter Warmers - Hippy Ponchos4) Ponchos

Now these really are wonderful winter warmers. Most effective when they are worn over other clothing of course. I have know people to wear just a poncho but to be honest I don’t think they were particularly warm, just drunk… There are 2 different types available: Acrylic which are super soft like our blankets and lightweight and then there are our thick weave cotton poncho’s. Both are warm but what type you go for depends on your needs.

Don’t be fooled by the acrylic ponchos though, just because they are lightweight and can be folded into a small package, they are surprisingly warm. I tend to wear these about the house or around over a jacket when having a fire. Our cotton ones are made from a thick cotton and are rather heavy. I think off of the top of my head, each weighs over a kilo. This weight is a nice snug weight however and are more suited to colder days and evenings.
Each type of hippie poncho is available in many different colours and in varying styles. One of the great things about wither style is that they can double up as a blanket to sit on or to pop over your legs and share with a friend.

5) Long Sleeve Shirts and Tops

Last but by no means least when it comes to our top 5 hippy winter warmers, everyone needs a base when it comes to layering up your hippie clothing. You can wear any top of choice however I would highly Top 5 Hippy Winter Warmers - Long Sleeve Topsrecommend something with long sleeves.. Keeping your arms and especially your wrists covered really does help. We have a great collection of long sleeve shirts and tops here for you to choose from. Some are geared more at the ladies than the gents and then visa versa but, if you like it, wear it!  Gosh we really do have lots for you:

Collarless grandad shorts which look great on everyone – available in 6 different sizes.  We have long sleeved tie dye t-shirts in traditional hippy style which are amazing and bring some summer to your day. Also, you will find some wonderful flower embroidery tops which are a fav with the ladies alongside our tree of life jersey tops. Patchwork, hooded, plain, patterned and unique, we have something that everyone will love. Just because it is a base layer does not mean it has to be lame.

So, there you have our top 5 hippy winter warmers. They made the top 5 based on their popularity with our customers. We have plenty of other hippy clothing that will help to keep you warm but we would be here all day if we told you about all of it!