Vegan Friendly Bath Salts

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Vegan Friendly Bath SaltsOur range of vegan friendly bath salts are perfect for anyone who wants to unwind. With various mixtures that include essential oils and natural herbs. They are produced here in the UK and use vegan friendly ingredients that are combined in a way to relax, energise, focus and invigorate.

Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and Gifts we’ve just started a plant based diet and although this is not completely vegan (we keep honey bees as we know how useful they are to the eco system, plus I have to say I do like honey), we sure understand where vegans come from with the way they are trying to lead their lives. With this in mind we have started looking at more vegan friendly items that we can provide.

Vegan Friendly Bath Salts main ingredients

There are two main ingredients used in the production of our bath salts;

the first is Himalayan salt which comprises of 84 naturally occurring minerals that are thought to mimic our own bodies composition. Himalayan salt is thought to be a wonderful and powerful detoxifier as it is said that Himalayan salt solutions help to extract the toxins from your skin and tissues. Himalayan salt also promotes better skin hydration, leaving it softer and smoother. Of course like most salt baths you can expect to ease muscle aches and pains and feel relax.

the second is sea salt. Sea salt baths are thought to help with stimulating circulation, easing muscle cramps and helping to relieve stiffness in joints. Of course easing stress is one of the biggest things to having a bath, sea salt is said to help magnify with this effect.

How to use vegan bath salts

To start enjoying the benefits of a natural salt bath you only need to add only 2-3 tea spoons of these vegan friendly bath salts, meaning that each pouch should last you a nice long time. So relax and unwind with on e of these wonderful natural bath salts and forget about your troubles, just remember to make sure you let the salt dissolve before getting in the bath because there is nothing worse than sitting on gritty bits.