There is a common misconception that volunteering requires that you give up every second of your spare time. This is so totally not true.  99.9% of places that take on volunteers allow you to state the amount of time that you are available. They are super grateful for any time that you can give.

Many people decide that they will start volunteering as a new years resolution. Whilst this works for some, it usually does not last as with most resolutions!

Why Volunteer

Volunteering is a such a wonderful and selfless thing to do. Giving up free time to help a worthwhile cause is always a truly amazing thing to do and I have to say, feels great.

There is a huge mahoosive range of volunteering opportunities all throughout the year, all you have to do is take a look and see what you want to do and where you want to help out. There are of course some opportunities that are more popular than others. Occasionally you may have to go onto a waiting list if the cause is so full that they cannot take on anymore people. I wish that were the case with all however it is really isn’t that common.


Volunteering is a great way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and help to find ways to help other people and perhaps give back to the environment and the community.

There are so many things in life that are run by volunteers and are all not for profit organisations and we don’t always realise it. Sometimes I think that we take these things for granted. Take Park Run for example, run entirely by volunteers and helps so so many people get into running and general fitness. As well as great exercise, park run is a wonderful social experience where you can go and meet new like minded people who are full of encouragement. Park Run is countrywide and has thousands upon thousands of participants every Saturday. It would not be possible without the volunteers.

Volunteering not only helps the cause that you are trying to get involved in, it helps you out too.  It is super rewarding and is a wonderful way to meet new people, gain new skills or improve existing skills.

Where to Start

Not sure where to start? I know its tough right…. Not sure what you want to do, well, there are plenty of websites out there that can help and can provide you with a list of volunteering opportunities near you.


You could try local parks if you are into gardening etc, you could try animal shelters if you have a huge love for animals, perhaps your local bee keeping association.  You could volunteer at the local homeless shelter and with training can become a volunteer fire fighter..

There really are so many things that you can do to help your community – why not go and help out at your local library or go and have a cup f tea with an elderly neighbour or offer to do their weekly shop. You would be surprised at what may seem like a little thing to you  is huge to someone else.

Here are a list of sites that might help you out;
Do-it.org – https://do-it.org
Join-in – https://www.joininuk.org/

Charities are also always crying out for help so try sites like Shelter or Make a Wish etc. There are so many out there that need your help so why not make a difference and volunteer!
Have a search and find one that resonates with you. As a result, you will feel so good! Pop on your favourite hippy clothing and start making a difference today!