What Do Hippies Do For Fun?

Hippies love to have fun just like everyone else. What people do for fun differs from person to person and means something different to each. Here are just a few wee things that I know most hippies do for fun.

One of the great things about hippy mentality is taking joy from the little things in life. I think that this is something that we should all do, hippie or not. Try to take joy in the small things. You will be amazed at how different your day will be.

So, What Do Hippie Do For Fun?

Most things in life can be fun, you just have to believe and make it so.

These days, like back in the late 60’s, some folk are into smoking pot and using psychedelic drugs such as mushrooms and LSD. This was and is only a small percentage of people. Oh so many hippies actually avoided drugs and took pleasure in natural highs. Highs like we will mention below;

Explore Nature

We love nature and every one knows it! It is always beautiful no matter where you are. Mother nature is a formidable being who deserves our respect and care. She has created so much for us to explore.. Open up a state of wanderlust and see what you can find. There is no need to travel across the globe (although feel free) as you will be amazed at how many wonderful places you will find near you to be awed by.

Pack yourself a picnic, pop on your backpack and away you go. Spend the day outside experiencing everything you see. Take in sights like budding flowers, new born lambs and listen to the sounds such as laughter, the wind and birdsong. Stop where you are, close your eyes and take it all in – what can you hear and what can you smell? What sensations can you feel? Are you warm or cold? Is there a slight breeze kissing your skin as it passes? Take a deep breath and smile!

Exploring nature is such a wonderful way to feel at one with the earth – take joy in everything around you. If there is a puddle – you know what to do. So there is a little mud.. you can shower right?!
I love being caught in a rain storm knowing that it will pass and knowing that I can be warm and dry soon enough. There is something about rain that brings out my inner child – it makes me laugh and all I want to do is dance in the puddles..

I will say – if you are out alone then please always take a mobile phone and extra supplies with you in case of an emergency. There is a great app called What 3 Words which you can put on your phone which can pinpoint your exact location using GPS. Click here for more info.

What Do Hippie Do For Fun - Nature

Dress Up

We love to feel great just like most people and love any excuse to wear our bright and funky hippy clothing. We care not if colours match or if patterns go well together, we wear what makes us feel good! Flowing and comfortable hippie clothes, long free hair and absolutely no restrictions on what we can wear. If it helps you express yourself then go for it. Be creative, mix and match styles and find your own look.

Get Creative

Some people say that they are not creative however there is an element of creativeness in everyone. People assume that it means things like painting or making unique items and yes that can be the case although, it can also mean so many other things.
There are lots of ways to be creative and it will be different for most people. Me, I love to get creative by cooking a delicious new meal or by baking something scrummy.
It doesn’t have to be arduous or hard, it should be calming and relaxing. I know people that like to colour in, knit, crochet, do cross stitch, make cards – the list really is endless. Try your hand at something new and hey, if you can’t do it, it really doesn’t matter, just give it your best shot!

What Do Hippie Do For Fun - Guitar

Be Kind – Help Others

Yes that’s right – we do this for fun! There is nothing better than knowing that you have helped out a human in need. It really is the little things that count – directing a smile on the street to someone looking a little sad – taking a friend for a coffee because they haven’t been them selves lately – offering an ear or a shoulder. Doing some shopping for someone near you who is unable for whatever reason to do it themselves. Help someone with their gardening, take a dog for a walk or even take a child to the park to give their parents a little free time – you will be amazed at how much that is appreciated….Helping others will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

What Do Hippies Do For Fun - Succulents

Loose Yourself In Music

Music is a wonderful way to get the blood pumping. There are many reasons to listen to music be it a band that you love or something that you have yourself created. Music can lift you up when you are down and can also bring out such emotions . Music can make you dance your socks off and sing your heart out, all of which are good for the soul. Take yourself off and see a live band be it a known band or a local band – live music is such an experience that we should all have the pleasure of.
Swap music with your friends and try to listen to at least one new band a week to broaden you tastes.


They (whoever they are) say that laughter is the best medicine. How right are they?! Laughter makes us feel good and therefore is fun. Spend time with friends and loved ones making memories. When you are around folk that you get along with, time passes very fast and usually with lots of chuckles.  It is said that adults laugh around 17 times per day on average. How many of these laughs can you recall? Surprising how often we don’t realise that you are doing it!

So what do hippies do for fun is an easy question to answer. We do things that make us feel good. Things that make us feel free!
Do what you love and as long as it hurts no others, do it as often as you like and do it in your brightest and bestest hippy clothing.


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