What do hippy’s look like anyway?

What Do Hippies Look Like?Every summer you see it: a resurgence of interest in hippy clothing. Fashionistas emerge from their winter wool chrysalis floating through the warm days in light flowing layers like beautiful boho butterflies. OK, so that may be an exaggeration, but you get the picture. As soon as the sun comes out, everywhere you look there are those proclaiming that they know exactly how your hippy vibe should look this season.

But is that really what hippiedom is about? What do hippies look like, really…

RootsWhat Do Hippies Look Like

The roots of hippy culture are wide ranging. Although the movement as we know and recognise it now was birthed in early 60s American youth as an expression of estrangement from the strict societal norms, the influences that shaped it are far ranging. Drawing on many cultures. European gypsy culture (the literal Bohemians), and eastern spiritualism, the hippie movement signifies freedom of expression. Alongside freedom of love, creativity, and alignment with the forces of nature and mysticism. Peace and love is a big thing which you will hear all around the world. Widely associated with the hippy folk due to our beliefs. Make love not war sums it up quite nicely for me.

Just as everybody’s beliefs within this lifestyle are unique to them, so is the outward manifestation of their inner self. That’s why you won’t find true hippie clothing on the high street, because there is little heart or individualism in anything mass produced.

The best hippy clothes are hand made, creative and full of colourful expression. Importantly, they are produced in an ethically sound way which supports the individuals and communities who produce them. The teams that make our funky threads are suck skilled dressmakers. Such creative artisans.

So what do hippies look like?

What Do Hippies Look LikeThe answer to that is simple: you should look exactly like yourself. Huh you say.. It means that whatever you decide to wear, is exactly how you should look.  Your very own hippie look. As long as you are happy and comfortable in what you wear. There is no need to conform to what everyone else is wearing. Sod the latest fashion(unless you like it of course).

From beautiful flowing dresses to swooshy skirts. Cashmillon to cotton to tie dye and patterns galore. There is unlimited freedom in how to express your hippy personality. The only limit is your imagination! And whatever that look may be, the most important thing will always remain the choice to express your individuality, rather than the choice of the individual pieces. Colours that match or colours that clash. Bold patterns or plain the choice is entirely up to you. The joy is that one day you can wear plain and the next you can be loud and proud.
You can even sew on some embellishments of your own. Badges, ribbons and even bells.


We love to see how all of our customers interpret each piece of clothing in their own way. Head over to our Customer Gallery to see how your fellow hippies are living the life every day. Better still, send us a photo of you letting your freak flag fly in favourite piece of Mystical Mayhem fair trade wear and we’ll add you to the community.